Benefits of tablets


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Benefits of tablets

  1. 1. TABLET PC• A tablet personal computer or tablet PC is a tablet-sized computer that also has the key features of a full- size personal computer.• A tablet PC is essentially a small laptop computer, equipped with a rotatable touch screen as an additional input device, and running a standard (or lightly adapted) PC operating system.• Today, the term tablet is also used to refer to computer- like devices operated primarily by a touch screen but not intended to run general PC operating systems or applications. Tablet PCs use the same hardware as normal laptops but add support for pen input.
  2. 2. The History of Tablet PCs• Bert Keely – the dreamer of Tablet PCs.• First drawing the future of Tablet in the SGI lab.• In order to fulfill his dream, he met the CEOs of Apple and Dell, but all of them refused Keely. Microsoft software architect Bert Keely• Finally, Bill Gates accepted his shows a prototype of suggestion, and soon decided to develop the Tablet PC during an OS for his dream. Bill Gates keynote at COMDEX/Fall 2000.
  4. 4. The Appearance of Tablet PCs• Some tablets are like an LCD maybe just thicker than a general LCD, and they come with hard disk and other necessary hardware device. There are some which have the similar appearance of that of a notebook.• The use of “pen”, an input device of the tablet PC is the most convenient and attractive part of the whole tablet. It functions same as a pen on a paper.• Portable and mobile, it’s like a notebook light and small, can move anytime.• Digital laptop- the tablet PC is the same with PDA and hand computer, like a common laptop can note anytime, create self word, chart and picture.• You can use the tablet PC in any way. You can use the pen or your hand for controlling the PC. Pen is used for resistive display .Not required for capacitative displays.
  5. 5. If all students in the class have Tablet PC’s theninteresting collaboration opportunities are possiblewith the wireless networking(WIFI) Classroom Presenter Students submit answers to questions, instructor can select submissions to display to the class Collaboration via Synchronous Course Management System E.g. Shared Whiteboard in Blackboard Possible over distance with systems that share audio as well as whiteboard/slide content Groove Workspace Shared files, instant messaging, project management, Office integration
  6. 6. The Impact of Tablet Pc on Education/training• With the release of the Tablet PC, we are now seeing a significant shift in the dynamics of computer purchase and practice – moving away from desktops and laptops to Tablet PCs and other mobile devices. Their cost relative to laptops along with the promise of mobile computing has raised tremendous interest in Tablet PC use in education.• The other factors which has further increased the impact of tablet PCs on education are briefly as follows:1. On line access of e content2. Long Battery and Instant-On3. Price4. Touch interface5. Improved Digital Reading6. Integrating Multimedia7. Special Education8. E book reader
  7. 7. The Impact of Tablet Pc on Education/Training• Faculty can interact with a presentation by scribbling onto a slide .The trainees can store this edited version onto the tablet without having to write it down separately.• They are lightweight and can be easily stored.• These have very high interactive capabilities.• Online access of e-content is possible• Academic tools like calculators can be downloaded.• Many applications (aps) can either be downloaded free or purchased.• Online conversation/chat etc is possible• Online assignments and submission is possible.• Assessments and feedback is also possible.
  8. 8. The Impact of Tablet Pc on Education/Training• Real-Time Grading? – Could feasibly complete exams on the computer (both multiple choice and essay) and upload to instructor• Brainstorming and Design• Note Sharing – Various applications developed• Instructor feedback? – Could provide instant feedback to gauge audience’s comprehension• Distance Education? – Possibilities for distance education, can share data across a network with tools such as Media Encoder or NetMeeting
  9. 9. Developments• Tablet PC applications for specific disciplines are just emerging• Mathematics – xThink calculator – Upcoming Math Journal product• Physics – MagicPaper
  10. 10. SKETCHING possibilities• Pen is pressure-sensitive on most models• Alias Sketchbook Pro
  11. 11. Tablet is useful in software development• Tablet UML – Unified Modeling Language – Graphical language used to specify the requirements and design of software systems
  12. 12. Tablet PC Applications for Children• Lots of child-oriented applications – Math – Art, painting – Learning to write in cursive
  13. 13. NTTF plan• We are planning to procure tablets from HCL a reputed manufacturer.• Specs are given below:CONFIGURATIONHCL Me TAB U1Android 4.0.3(Ice cream Sandwich),High Performance Cortex A8 1 GHZ processor,Multiple connectivity options,USB Port,WIFI and 3G USB Dongle enabled,Capacitive touch display,7 Inches screen,800X480 pixels.Warranty—standard one year warranty