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Managing huna resources in 21st century..BY Ghanashyam


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about human resources Management..

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Managing huna resources in 21st century..BY Ghanashyam

  1. 1. Presented By:Ghanashyam Pokharel MBA 2nd semester Roll no:08
  2. 2. “You might have lots of capital, you might have the best infrastructure, you might have the best machinery and so on, however nothing is worth till the time you have good employees” (Thomas J Watson Jnr.)
  3. 3.  Introduction  Component :HRM  Role of HRM  Importance of HRM  Major activities :HRM  Current issue of HRM  Challenges of HRM  Conclusion
  4. 4. Human resource management(HRM) concerns with getting training, motivation and keeping competent employees.  All corporate strengths are dependent on people. HR department is at the heart of any organization as it maintains a right balance between organizations and their most important assets “Employees”.
  5. 5. Recruitment Human Resource Management Selection Discipline Training Trade Union Reward
  7. 7. HRM is the backbone of every type of business organization  Plays an important role in assuring employee: * satisfaction * improving performance * productivity  Creating talented workforce
  8. 8. 1.Recruitment 2.Selection 3.Training 4.Motivation 5.Evaluation
  9. 9. 1.Work force Diversity 2.Family -friend benefit 3.Union and Management 4.Sexual Harassment
  10. 10. 5.Workplace violence 6. Out sourcing 7.ContingentWorkforce
  11. 11. Individuals differ from one another Technology Health and safety Globalization Ecommerce
  12. 12.  Presentation shows the present challenges lying ahead of HRM.  The major challenges include Job stress, employee burn out, safety , violence , diversity and discrimination.  Promotion of health and safety in the workplace.  Equality in workplace.
  13. 13. Interaction