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cmd commands


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cmd commands ,useful for student

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cmd commands

  1. 1. rm. -1 r : ~‘f'. Il>« Microsoft Windows [Uersion 6.3.9688] (c) 2813 Microsoft Corporation. H11 rights reserved. L C: Hindowssystem32>time The current time is: 11:56:11.56 Enter the new time: 12:88:88.88 C: Windowssystem32)time The current time is: 12=88=83.83 Enter the new time: 11:57:88.88 C: windowssystem32) C: Hindow3system32>date The current date is: Wed 81/87/2815 Enter the new date: (mm—dd—yy) 85/88/2815 C= Hindowssystem32>date The current date is: Fri 85/88/2815 Enter the new date: (mm-dd-yy) 81/87/2815 C: Hindowssystem32>
  2. 2. d: >cd new d: new)copy new. txt c: new 1 file(s) copied. d: new) D: >ftp ftp. mozilla. org Connected to ftp. mozi11a. org. V 228- 228- ftp. mozi11a. org / archive. mozi11a. org - files are in / pub/ mozi11a. org 228- 228- releases. mozi11a. org now points to our CDN distribution network and no lo nger works for FTP traffic 228 User (ftp. mozilla. org: (none)): admin 538 This FTP server is anonymous only. Login failed. ftp) bye 221 Goodbye. D: )
  3. 3. M Administrator: Command Prompt new>type new. txt hi ii my name is atul kumar singh The system cannot find the file specified. D: new)cd. . D: )rd new D= >cd. . new The system cannot find the path specified. D: )_