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Raja hardik nribm 4

  1. 1. PRESENTED BY 107140592006 107140592023 107140592041 107140592053 107140592060 GLSICT-MBA PROGRAMME HARSHIL PATEL SMITH SHROFF SUKETU PATEL CHIRAG KATARA KALPIT BUTANI
  2. 2. Automotive Industry In France  Innovation and Technology  “Renault”- The French Automobile Giant  Renault In India  Indian Automotive leader- TATA Motors Ltd.  Comparative Positioning- TATA Vs Renault  CSR Activities of Renault and TATA  Mergers/Acquisitions/Joint Ventures  Conclusion  GLSICT-MBA PROGRAMME
  3. 3.  France has 2 main automotive manufacturing companies of the world.  Namely Peugeot and Renault.  French government has set up an “Automotive Pact” to encourage automobile sector.  Subsidized loans and bonus schemes are introduced by the government. GLSICT-MBA PROGRAMME
  4. 4.  PSA Peugeot-Citroen & Renault allocate 5% of their turnover in R&D.  Both companies file highest number of patterns in France.  They make strategic alliances for introducing advanced technologies.  Hybrid diesel engines, electric vehicles, automotive electronics etc are specialty of France. GLSICT-MBA PROGRAMME
  5. 5.  Renault-Nissan alliance- World’s 4th largest automotive group.  The French government owns a 15% share of Renault.  It is also a well known name in motor sports.  Annual production is 2.3 million cars and LCV’s.  A global presence in over 118 countries. GLSICT-MBA PROGRAMME
  6. 6.  Renault has set a new record by selling 26,25,800 vehicles in 2010.  Number one in European LCV market for 13 consecutive years.  Other alliances such as Renault-Dacia and Renault-Samsung have increasing sales volume.  Successful models include Megane, Duster & Master. GLSICT-MBA PROGRAMME
  7. 7.  Has set up a plant in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.  A total investment of 45 billion rupees at the plant.  Had an alliance with Indian car manufacturer Mahindra & Mahindra which was called off later.  Renault is all set to launch Clio and Pulse in the Indian market in hatchback segment. GLSICT-MBA PROGRAMME
  8. 8.  A multi-national automotive corporation.  Manufactures passenger cars, trucks, vans & coaches.  South Asia’s largest automobile manufacturer.  Listed in Bombay Stock Exchange & New York Stock Exchange. GLSICT-MBA PROGRAMME
  9. 9.  Tata has acquired Jaguar Land Rover which is a British brand.  It also has acquired Daewoo Commercial Vehicles in South Korea.  Tata also has a stake in Hispano Carrocera, a Spanish bus and coach manufacturer.  Tata builds low level buses for Indian market by tying up with Marco Polo of Brazil. GLSICT-MBA PROGRAMME
  10. 10.  Both the companies are leaders in the automotive sector in their respective countries.  Renault has a better position if financial figures are considered.  Total revenue of TATA Motors is USD 27.629 billion while that of Renault is 38.971 billion Euros. GLSICT-MBA PROGRAMME
  11. 11.  Renault also has an upper hand in the matter of total equity, assets and the number of employees over TATA.  Subsidiaries of Renault include Automobile Dacia, Renault Samsung Motors, Renault F1 etc.  While subsidiaries of TATA include Jaguar Land Rover & TDCV-Hispano. GLSICT-MBA PROGRAMME
  12. 12. Other business of Renault include Financial Sector Services.  TATA is into a number of business which include spare parts, tele-communication, IT, hospitality etc.  Renault has a global presence in 118 countries while TATA has dealership in 28 countries.  GLSICT-MBA PROGRAMME
  13. 13.  Use of recyclable plastic in the automobiles was one of the biggest step towards CSR by Renault.  Other activities include lower carbon emissions.  Renault has also been rewarded with the Environment Award in 2008. GLSICT-MBA PROGRAMME
  14. 14.  TATA group have worked for socially & economically disadvantaged communities.  It is engaged in provision of healthcare, drinking water, rain water harvesting, tribal development etc.  It has also conducted awareness programmes on awareness of HIV/Aids. GLSICT-MBA PROGRAMME
  15. 15.  TATA has acquired Daewoo’s truck manufacturing unit in South Korea.  TATA has a JV with Brazil’s Marcopolo to introduce low floor buses in India.  TATA has acquired Jaguar Land Rover which includes Daimler and Lanchester brands.  TATA has acquired 100% stake in Hispano Carrocera. GLSICT-MBA PROGRAMME
  16. 16.  Renault has 50% stake in the Renault-Nissan JV.  It owns 99.43% share in the Rome based manufacturer Automobile Dacia.  Renault has acquired the Car Division of Samsung.  Renault India Pvt Ltd is a subsidiary of Renault. GLSICT-MBA PROGRAMME
  17. 17. Companies like PSA Peugeot-Citroen & Renault have proven as a wealthy asset for French government in the automotive sector. GLSICT-MBA PROGRAMME