Micro trenching services by t.t ehsan sdn bhd


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Micro trenching services by t.t ehsan sdn bhd

  1. 1. Product Cert.No:PT 062002 Suite 1208, Level 12, Amcorp Tower, Amcorp Trade Center,No.18 Persiaran Barat, 46050 Petaling Jaya, Selangor,MalaysiaAn International Standard Compliant Product :Standard : IEC 60794-5:Microduct Cabling for Installation by Blowing” MICRO TRENCHING FOR FTTx In compliance to L-49 ITU-T and L- 48 ITU-T Guidelines
  2. 2. Name of Company : T.T EHSAN SDN BHDDate incorporated : 11th.September 2002Registration : MoF MalaysiaDirectors : Raja Azman Shah – M.D Tengku Rahimah Tahir – E.D Raja Hazwan Shah – DirectorProduct representation : Microduct & Air Blown Solution KNET Co.Ltd, South Korea Sole Importer & Distributor Composite Hand-hole RDT Access Chambers , UK Exclusive Distributor Cold asphalt Filler China, - Sole Importer
  3. 3. PRODUCTS OF T T EHSAN SDN BHD (1) Air Blown Cable (ABC) 24 to 288 core Single Mode7 way Direct Buried Air Blown Fiber (ABF) (DB)Microduct 24 way Direct Install 2 to 12 core Single Mode ABF/C Air (DI) Microduct Blow Machine Micro Trenching Machine - WET Micro Trenching Machine - DRY Cold Asphalt Back FillSteel Body Hand hole Modular Composite Hand hole / Modular Hand Holefor Carriageway with Manhole for Utility with D400 With Cast Iron Cover Modular Hand hole cum PedestalBS125 certification certification A15 Certification with UL and BS124 certification
  4. 4. Advantages:The process has the following advantages over the conventional processes:The rollout of fibre networks is 10 times faster, and therefore, much more cost-effective. Because it is faster, the process is much less disruptive to the public than the old-fashioned method. Duct installation is secure. The process has, as a consequence, the development of unskilled labour into skilled labour, especially with regard to equipment drivers and operators, as it requires highly trained and skilled individuals,rather than unskilled labour gangs. In effect, this skills transfer is a form of technology transfer, which can only be to the benefit of all the people of the country. The process directly creates opportunities for businesses like asphalt, backfill material, cement and sand suppliers, as well indirect opportunities as for the ancillary suppliers to the main suppliers contracted to TTE.Detailed Route SurveyA detailed survey will be carried out to establish the exact placing and coordinates of all Manholes,Road-crossings and positioning of the trench in the specific road surface. The end result of the survey willinclude a full set of drawings, which will constitute part of the As-Built drawings as well as the necessarydrawings for the Way-leave application. These will include:• Detailed route drawing (Typically A1 or A0)• Detailed line drawing (A2 or A1)• Detailed drawings for manhole placements and road-crossings
  5. 5. Ground Penetrating Radar Surveys (GPR)Since local municipal councils cannot provide accurate details ofexisting buried utilities, a GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) survey isperformed. This entails a team walking the proposed route with a GPRdevice. GPR surveys are performed before trenching in metropolitanarea starts in order to minimize disruption of existing services. TheGPR survey will accurately detect the position and depth of any existingburied utilities.Operating in 400MHz and 600MHz frequencies band the GPR candetect existing services up to 2m deep. The results of the survey iselectronically stored and mapped. This information is then includedinto the detailed design and survey information.The process entails micro-trenching in the roadway itself. The trench ismuch smaller than can be conventionally excavated and is only 100mmwide by 250mm deep. This process provides a fast rollout (300 -500mper machine per day). The process takes place in a convoy and once theconvoy has passed, the trench is completed to the point of surface re-instatement. Surface re-instatement can only be performed once thebackfill material has cured approximately one to three days after thebackfill operation was performed, depending on the type of backfillused. During this period, however, the roadway is opened to traffic fornormal use.
  6. 6. TrenchingOnce existing services have been located and the trench-line has been marked, the trenches are cutinto the roadway using mechanical trenchers. The trenchers cut a 45mm wide by 250mm deep slot intothe road surface, either using a Wet Diamond Cutter or Dry Tungsten Carbide Cutter speciallycustomised for this purpose built trenching machinesWe have developed a locally customised wet & dry vacuum or suction system equipped with noisesuppression and dust , sludge filters to prevent noise, air pollution and sludge splurting.When the integral waste bin is full the material is dumped into bins and removed by trucks to pre-approved waste disposal areas. Micro Trenching Machine - WET Micro Trenching Machine - DRY
  7. 7. Duct LayingDucts are transported to the working site on a duct trailer, fitted with spindles, to allow for thesimultaneous insertion of up to four different ducts into the trench. Two types of duct trailers can beused - either with vertical or with horizontal spindles. The ducts (4 in this case) are tied or taped togetherand inserted into the trench, after which backfilling commences.
  8. 8. Pour Cold AsphaltMicro Trench Backfilling Into Slot 250mm 45mmConventional Micro Slot withback fill as per L-48 ITU-T
  10. 10. BackfillingThe trenches are backfilled using one of two techniques: Bitumen Based Soilcrete. Soilcrete is generally usedto backfill trenches. This backfill type is a wet mix type and is made according to the engineers specification.It consists of sieved waste material, crusher sand, cement (6%), and bitumen (2%). The backfill is placed inthe trench in layers and compacted with tampersOur propose method is to use Cold Asphalt Pavement Preservation Composite which comes in 20kg bagbasis, pour into slots, tamper and ready for traffic within less than 1 hour. The Cold Asphalt is guaranteed tolast for more than ten (10) years.Conventional process Cold Asphalt process – Fill & Tamper Road ready for instant traffic in Green Technology Less than 1 hour after fill and tamper