Building effective communication and language skills_Brief


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Based on the feedback from various Implementing Agencies who are imparting Vocational Skilling Programs under various Government initiatives, we could see the need of standard curriculum and shortage of trained manpower for Language and Communication module which is very crucial for meeting the desired target of placement link programs.

To cater the need of such curricula and faculty issues, we at Cognet have designed the curricula on English Language and Communication skills along with 44 hrs of video lectures on English Grammar and Building Communication Skills.

I’m sure that with the help of the curricula and the DVDs, institutions will find a good resource to provide quality and uniform delivery to enhance the English proficiency and communication skills of the students.

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Building effective communication and language skills_Brief

  1. 1. Building Effective Communication Building Effectiveand Language Skills Building Effective Communication and Language Skills Building Effective Communication and Language SkillsThe book covers:nDescribes parts of speech such as nouns, pronouns, verbs, prepositions, and tenses CommunicationnExplains phonetics, including vowels, consonants, phonetics, and phonologynDiscusses vocabulary and organization of scrambled words in meaningful sentencesnExplains the importance of reading skills, including comprehension and précis and Language SkillsnExplains telephonic etiquettesnElaborates the differences between telemarketing and teleselling and skills required for bothnProvides guidelines to handle complaints and tricky situationsnExplains the meaning of soft skills and their managementnDescribes basic forms of communication along with different types of communicationnExplains listening, speaking, and writing skills, their barriers and solutionsnDescribes the challenges of the workplace environment and personal time and stress managementnDiscusses the things to do while appearing for job interview, such as the do’s and don’ts of a job interviewWhat’s on the DVD?The book contains set of 2 DVDs – LearnEng: Grammar for Beginners: Level-1, and PROCONNECT Programme in Building EffectiveCommunication Skills.The first DVD, LearnEng: Grammar for Beginners: Level-1, consists 59 video lectures of 18 hours on following subjects:Module 1Subjects Duration (hh:mm:ss) Subjects Duration (hh:mm:ss)nSentence 0:43:57 n The Interjection 0:34:22n of SpeechParts 0:43:50 n Determiners 0:42:08nNoun 0:27:12 n Modals 1:28:15nPronoun 1:20:41 n Tenses 2:34:36nThe Verb 0:37:57 n Clauses 0:48:07nThe Adverb 1:01:33 n and Passive Voice Active 1:10:02nThe Adjective 0:50:04 n Reported Speech 2:39:34nThe Preposition 1:45:29 n The Phrases 0:50:20nThe Conjunction 0:31:54The second DVD, PROCONNECT Programme in Building Effective Communication Skills, consists 60 video lectures of 26 hours. For betterlearning, the video lectures are divided into two modules. The videos included in the DVD are:Module 1 Module 2Subjects Duration (hh:mm:ss) Subjects Duration (hh:mm:ss)n Interpersonal Communication 3:42:39 n Introduction to Managerial Communication 2:13:07n and Styles Types n Understanding global and managerial skills 1:56:05 of Communication 3:37:37 n Communication systems and process 2:44:02n Conflicts and Barriers 1:48:57 n Human and Communication Process 1:51:24n Leadership and Communication 1:34:39 n Communication Group 4:42:59n Written Communication 2:57:31 n place communication solutions Work 2:30:38 TM TM TM TM Learning Unbound. Learning Unbound.Cognet SmartLearn India Pvt. Ltd., Corp. Off.: 75-76, Amrit Nagar, South Extn.-I, New Delhi - 110003 | Ph.: +91-11-46045851 / 52/ 53 | Email: