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Bug's Story (


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Bugs Story - For very new folks in software testing (BASIC)

Published in: Business, Technology
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Bug's Story (

  1. 1. Bug’s Story Written by a unknown Tester [email_address]
  2. 2. Now Flashback…… Scene 0: Bugs are all dead
  3. 3. Scene 1: Requirements Bug X comes into this world……
  4. 4. Bug Y & Z also follow referred by Mr. X…… Scene 2: Design
  5. 5. Looks like whole family is joining the business…… Scene 3: Coding
  6. 6. Someone is celebrating success… Scene 4: Bug’s celebrating
  7. 7. Hero makes an entry  Scene 5: Testing
  8. 8. Scene 6: Manager’s Reaction
  9. 9. Scene 7: Devs Reaction on Fixing
  10. 10. Hero in action … Scene 8:Retesting
  11. 11. Mission Completed Scene 9: Back to the future
  12. 12. Scene 10: Bugs are dead
  13. 13. Now it is testing team’s turn… but stop ! We got a twist Scene 11:Somebody is partying
  14. 14. Oops. Did we miss someone ? Yeah we did. Scene 12:End User
  15. 15. Testing team should find bugs as and when they come up e.g. Requirements, Design, Coding. This will ensure that team cost of fixing these bugs will be much lower Team and end users won’t be surprised with some creepy bugs Retesting is not enough, Regression is always important Story Over: Key Learning's
  16. 16. Thank you Contact: [email_address]