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housing finance institutions


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housing finance institutions in india

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housing finance institutions

  1. 1. Welcome Raison Sam Raju Roll no.17 M.Com S3 Dept of commerce University of kerala
  2. 2. Housing Finance Institutions In India
  3. 3. Housing And Housing Finance  According to Longman Dictionary, “Housing means the house or conditions that people live in“  A set of all financial arrangements that are made available by housing finance companies (HFC) to meet the requirements of housing is called ‘Housing Finance’.
  4. 4. NHB-NATIONAL HOUSING BANK • Established in July 1988 under NHB ACT 1987 • Principal agency to promote HFI OR • Apex institution in the housing sector • Authorized capital rs.350crore fully subscribed by RBI
  5. 5. Objectives To promote a sound,healthy,viable and efficient housing finance system to cater all segments of population To make housing more affordable To augment the supply of land & building materials for housing.
  6. 6. Objectives To enable the public agencies to emerge primarily as facilitators and suppliers of service land. To augment and upgrade housing stock in the country. To augment the financial resources for the sector.
  7. 7. Functions Promotion Function Regulatory Function Financing ADVISORY FUNCTION
  8. 8. Rights
  10. 10. objectives Increase number of residential houses • Increase flow of funds to housing sector Direct loans to individuals •High returns to shareholders
  11. 11. Types of loans •Dwelling house • To inviduals based on income.max.period is 20 • Extension of existing house –max up to 1 crore • Purchase of land • Repairs/innovations • Facility to weaker section
  12. 12. Life insurance corporation housing finance limited (lichfl) • 1989 • 25% market share in housing finance industry
  13. 13. PUPOSES
  14. 14. PUPOSES
  15. 15. Housing and urban development corporation 25TH APRIL 1970 CENTRAL GOVERNMENT HOUSING CONDITION TO ALL (HUDCO)
  16. 16. objectives • Provide long term finance for construction of house for residential purpose in urban & rural areas. • To subscribe to debentures & bonds issued by the state housing & urban development boards,trusts,authorities etc especially for the purpose of housing • To administrate the amount received from time to time ,from GOI and other sources for the purpose of financing or undertaking housing and urban development programmes in the country • To promote,establish,assist,collaborate and provide consultancy services for the projects in designing and planning of works relating to housing and urban development
  17. 17. Housing programmes Urban housing Rural housing Staff rental housing Hudco Nivas
  18. 18. Any questions………….
  19. 19. Thank you ………………………