Guide To Start A Cattle Farm - 4 Critical Tips For Beginners


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Learn the right steps in starting a cattle farm correctly whether you are a beginner or an experience cattle owner

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Guide To Start A Cattle Farm - 4 Critical Tips For Beginners

  1. 1. Guide To Start A Cattle Farm - 4 Critical Tips For Beginners Click Here To Speed Up Your Learning Curve On Raising Beef Cattle The Right Way and Avoid Wasting More Time!Cattle farming is one of the most profitable businesses nowadays thus if youhave the capital already, start a cattle farm to earn a living. Cattle farmingare a large industry and demand is always constantly high. But startingyour own cattle farm is always never easy. You need patience, time anddedication before you can start reaping the benefits. But mind you that thebenefits will definitely encompass all your efforts and capital as it will payoff. That is, provided that you have the knowledge on how to start a cattlefarm. Here are 4 things you will need before starting your very own cattlefarm.Housing your Cattle and Equipment needed
  2. 2. Cattles do not generally need housing or shelter as grass-fed and pasturedcattle are always the healthiest of all. But during the winter time and someprecipitation occurs, you need to house your cattle to keep them fromgetting sick. Therefore, one of the most important things you need to haveto start a cattle farm is a house for your cattle. The house must be largeenough for your cattle to be able to move around and well ventilated forbetter breathing.Some equipment is essential in order for you to properly take care of yourcattle. Chutes are helpful but not necessary. This can help you de-worm, de-horn, vaccinate and palpitate your cattle when you need to. If youroperations are relatively small you can always have outside resource to dothis as chutes can cost a fortune. But if your operations are large-scale,investing one for your cattle farm will definitely be more efficient. Waterfacilities are also important as your cattle need to have access to such all thetime to maintain health and hydration.Breed SelectionPurebred cattle are the best you can have to start a cattle farm. But if youare unsure of how to properly maintain health and overall condition of apurebred, crossbred cattle are also good to look at as most of the time suchcattle have traits that make them produce better outcome. Always choose abreed that is at its healthiest. Check for its muscle structure, alertness,balanced stance and other desirable characteristics of a breed.Feeds and DietYou need to consider the type of feeds you would have cattle eat before youstart a cattle farm. Feeds are actually the second largest cattle expense,
  3. 3. which takes up about 70% of the production cost. Feeds are important tomaintain the health of your cattle and to increase their weight which canthereby increase their value and increase your profit. You need to makesure that your cattle are fed with the right feeds to get adequate nutrientsthat will help you gain the most favorable level of production.Caring for your CattleOf course, you need to take care of your cattle to prevent diseases. You needto de-worm and de-horn the cattle every now and then to maintain perfecthealth of the cattle and to prevent injuries when handling them.Vaccinations are also important to keep your cattle healthy all the time.Think about these things before you begin constructing your farm. Thesethings you need on how to start a cattle farm will help you get an idea onhow much investment you need in terms of time, effort and money anddetermine if you are up for the challenges of the business. Click Here To Speed Up Your Learning Curve On Raising Beef Cattle The Right Way and Avoid Wasting More Time!