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Xbox Show


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Xbox Show

  1. 1. By: Maaz
  2. 2. XBOX 360
  3. 3. Xbox 360 has Halo and Kinect whichPlayStation 3 does not. Hard coregamers also prefer Xbox rather thanPlayStation.
  4. 4. One reason why I think people likeXbox more is because more peoplehave played it. Xbox also has moregames like Gears of Wars.
  5. 5. Xbox offers moremultiplayer games than PlayStation and also has an option todownload music even on the website. The website for Xbox live is:
  6. 6. 87654 PlayStation 33 Xbox 360210 2011 2012
  8. 8. (You can turn off you sound over here and pause the presentation to watch thevideos)
  9. 9. One of the reasons why PlayStation isbetter because for Xbox, you have to pay for online play. PlayStation 3 also has better graphics and has a better controller.
  10. 10. PlayStation also has all the featuresXbox has and even more. It is also more slim and has free network.
  11. 11. PlayStation also has a Blu-ray Drive which Xbox does not. Xbox live gold also costs 59.99$ annually while the PlayStation network is free.
  12. 12. Little Big Planet is a game that is only available for PlayStations. It`s a better game than Gears of War in my opinion.The Website for PlayStation is:
  13. 13. The answer to my question is that PlayStation3 is better because first of all, it has a better controller so you get to playcomfortably, and second of all, it has better graphics, and last but not least, the network, is free. The End!