Classroom Tour: The Main Room


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A tour of my main classroom

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Classroom Tour: The Main Room

  1. 1. The Skipping Laugh Think happy thoughts!Classroom Tour:The Main Room
  2. 2. I am super blessed to have not only one but two very large classrooms!This is a slideshow of our main room. We use this room for arrival and departure, circle time, story time, small groups, snacks and rest.
  3. 3. Here is our circle time area!
  4. 4. Here is a close-up shot! I keep everything I need in “Miss Katie’s Basket” and the adjacent pink organizer (pointers, books, noise makers, flashcards, etc.).
  5. 5. I created my own job chart to better accommodate the tasks that mystudents are responsible for each day. Their names have magnets on the back so it is very easy to change the jobs each day. I also keep a spreadsheet to ensure that each child gets a turn with each job.
  6. 6. After checking the weather, the weather person selects two cards to place on the white board. The class then sings a weather song that incorporates that student’s name and sign language. I made the numbercards with my Cricut!
  7. 7. I have created cards to represent each song/nursery rhyme thatwe sing in preschool. The cards are then taped to popsicle sticks and placed in this container. During our music and movementtime, the preschoolers take turns selecting the songs they would like to sing or dance to.
  8. 8. Our cubby area and family tree (family pictures are posted on this wall). The tree changes according to the seasons.
  9. 9. Cot storage and our classroom word wall (which is severely lacking at the moment). At the beginning of the year, students choose a“rest bag” to store their blankets/sheets in. We glued swatches ofthe corresponding material to cardstock which we use for dismissing the children from circle.
  10. 10. A visual schedule is posted on the wall of our main room. Iremake this every year with pictures of the current students.
  11. 11. Our parent information center and student mailboxes are located next to our front door.
  12. 12. At open house this year I was gifted with the book, Have You Filled a Bucket Today?. It has since become a classroom favorite and one of my behavior management strategies. The preschoolers are filling up a “bucket” (which is actually a jar until I find a bucket I like) with marbles. Marbles are given any time we “catch” them being bucket fillers.Bucket Filler Pledge and signs from
  13. 13. I also keep a running list of good choices made throughoutthe week. On Thursday afternoons, we read through the list together and celebrate all the good choices we have made.