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Using Wildcards with rsyslog's File Monitor imfile


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Want to monitor log files with rsyslog and use wildcards to monitor a large file set? This presentation shows you how to do that.

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  • In your example you define a ruleset for infiles, but I do not see you assigning that to the input, is that no longer needed with version 8 ?
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Using Wildcards with rsyslog's File Monitor imfile

  1. 1. Using Wildcards with rsyslog’s File Monitor Rainer Gerhards, rsyslog project lead
  2. 2. Prerequisites ● kernel with inotify support ● at least rsyslog v8.5.0 ● if not available in your distro o use rsyslog package repository (recommended) o build from source ● imfile module (usually in base package)
  3. 3. State Files ● rsyslog needs to know how much of a file it already processed ● upon shutdown a “state file” is created with this information ● stored in rsyslog work directory ● let rsyslog generate the state file name automatically!
  4. 4. Restrictions ● wildcards are support at the file level, not at the directory level o /var/log/applog*.log is valid o /var/applog*/logfile.log is invalid ● subdirectories that match the wildcard are not processed o if /var/log/applog-dir.log is a directory, it will not be processed ● wildcards do not work in polling mode
  5. 5. Base Config Sample global(workDirectory=”/home/rsyslog/spool”)m odule(load=”imfile”) input(type=”imfile” tag=”applog” file=”/var/log/applog*.log”)
  6. 6. Sample: Remote Forwarding global(workDirectory=”/home/rsyslog/spool”) module(load=”imfile”) ruleset(name="infiles") { action(type="omfwd” target=”” protocol=”tcp” port=”10514” ) } input(type=”imfile” tag=”applog” file=”/var/log/applog*.log”)
  7. 7. Notes on Remote Forwarding Conf ● forwarding happens totally independent from rest of logging configuration due to use of ruleset ● module() statement must occur only once ● workDirectory o is used for all rsyslog work and state files o must be set only once (usually at top of top level rsyslog.conf)