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North Face brand book
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Adidas Brand Book

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Adidas Brand Book

  1. 1. D uring his career as a designer for adidas, Fritz uring his career as a designer for adidas, Fritz Träumer privately filled dozens of notebooks Träumer privately  lled dozens of notebookswith his plans to create the most original sneakerswith his plans to create the most original sneakersthe world had ever seen. Not content for a sneakerthe world had ever seen. Not content for a sneakerto remain simply athletic or aesthetic, Träumerto remain simply athletic or aesthetic, Träumerdreamed beyond the realm of what is even thoughtdreamed beyond what is evenpossible today. More than thirty of his notebookspossiblehave been recovered by adidas from the depths ofhave been recovered by adidas fromvarious estates, along with a precious and secretvariouscollection of seemingly impossible sneakers thatcollection seemingly impossible sneakers thatTräumer quietly made into realities. Herein laysTräumer quietly made into realities. Herein laysan inspirational por trait of a visionar y of vastan inspirational por traitproportions, a celebration of his mesmerising rangeproportions,of sneaker creations and, perhaps, the precursor toof and,an unrestricted future of sneaker unrestricted future FriTz TräuMer (1931-?) FRITZ TRÄUMER (1931-?)
  2. 2. T he f i r st cor resp onde nce b et we e n Träu me r a nd t he compa ny t hat we lcomed h i s or ig i na l it y. h at na A note f rom Träu me r to h i s la nd lord a nd ne ig hb ou r i n G e r me r i ng - neve r de l ive red .
  3. 3. Fritz Träu me r documenting one of his earliest days with adidas and the experience believed to have been the genesis of his cloud design. STur (STor STUR M (STOR M) WATer vA pour, ed. WATER VA POUR, ED. 1/1 310 x 140 x 130mm X X
  4. 4. LUFTSACK IR BAG)LuFTSAck (A ir bAG) Hetrick’s John hetrick’s revolutionar y air cushion restraint system, developed in 1952 to protect his own family, was a directPOLY ESTER BL DDERS ITH COMPR ESSED NITROGEN, ED.poLy eSTer bL A dderS W iTh coMpr eSSed NiTroGeN, ed. 1/1 inf luence on Träu me r who remodelled the technology to protect something equally as impor tant to him. X X300 x 130 x 160mm
  5. 5. An artist’s illustration torn from theherzogenaurach public library’s editionHerzogenaurachof king Midas and The Golden Touch, Kingon loan to Fritz Träu me r for 48 years. in his notes regarding the Midas sneaker, Träu me r makes the only recorded mention of a In MidA S MIDA ram sneaker, which is believed to have been a hybrid Merino battering tool. Le ATher ANd GoLd, ed. 1/1 LE ATHER A ND GOLD, ED. 300 x 130 x 140mm X X
  6. 6. An advertisement for Fritz Träumer Sr.’s marginally successful ‘Nice-Nose’ straightener. Fritz Träumer Jr. (far left).A keen inventor his whole life, Fritz Träumer Sr. (above) finally achieved minor fame through his patented nose straightening device,inspiring a doting Träumer Jr. to follow in his father’s unconventional footsteps. Siegfried Träumer and herr Liebkosung, formerly Herr belonging to Fritz.
  7. 7. Träu me r ’s fascination with species endemic to their par ticular environments led him in 1965 to Antananarivo, Madagascar. His major discover y there, however, was the his Chameleon, a species common to many par ts of the world and per fectly adept at camouf laging itself through air por t customs checks in Frank fur t.CH A M Ä LEON (CH A MELEON)ch ä LeoN (ch MeLeoN)Le ATher ANd CH A MELEON, ed. 1/1LE ATHER A ND ch MeLeoN, ED. X X350 x 130 x 120mm
  8. 8. roboTer (roboT)ROBOTER (ROBOT) Follow ing a self- descr ibed per iod of persona l creative decline, Träu me r ’s v isionar y f lame was reignited byNick eL MeTA L h y dr ide ANd MicroproceSSor, ED. 1/1NICK EL META H Y DR IDE A ND MICROPROCESSOR, ed. pioneer ing developments in the robotics industr y of 1973.300 x 130 x 160mm X X
  9. 9. Sy NThSY NTH On loan from the pr ivate collec tion of Ra lf Hüt ter, the sy nthesiser snea ker is believed to have absorbed more than t wo years of Träu me r ’s on ra hütLE ATHER W ITH MICROPROCESSOR, ED. 1/1L e ATher iTh MicroproceSSor, ed. li fe as he trained himself to wa lk each note of comet Melody 2. life Comet290 x 120 x 160mm X X
  10. 10. Though believed vacant for more than a decade, Fritz Träumer’s private sneaker workshopwas discovered littered with empty gin bottles and a still smoldering fire.
  11. 11. herzogenaurachTräu me r would often find stimulation through travel and send postcards to himself in Herzogenaurach as reminders, br imming tra ANTi-r äuber (ANTi-robber) A NTI-R ÄUBER (A NTI-ROBBER) 8 york city unexw ith new ideas. The 1980 New York City transit str ike had an une x pec ted effec t upon the traveling Träu me r when his a lter nate route AchiNe SpuN MeTA iTh MiG eLdiNG, ed. M ACHINE SPUN META L W ITH MIG W ELDING, ED. 1/1through the city’s meaner streets motivated one of his boldest snea ker solutions. x x 320 X 140 X 220mm
  12. 12. Originating with the increase in awareness of originating globa l pollution in the 1980s, Träumer’s tree sneaker was discovered and uprooted from the garden of his former home more than two decades after its creation, still in full bloom.BAUM (TR EE)bAuM (Tr ee)GENETICA LLY MODIFIED Seed, ed. 1/1GeNeTicA LLy ModiFied SEED, ED.310 x 120 x 210mm X X
  13. 13. As he steadily began to recede from the outside world, public recordsreveal that Träu me r failed to renew his driver license in 1987, requiringhim to retake the practical driving test he had passed more than inthir ty years prior. In a typical retor t against what he would describe englishin English as ‘bureau-crazy’, Träu me r instead opted to pioneer a newmethod of transpor tation by means of a voice-instr ucted limousineat his feet. LiMouSiNe LIMOUSINE h ANd Sh ped MeTA ed. H A ND SH A PED META L , ED. 1/1 x x 280 X 110 X 130mm
  14. 14. | FRITZ TRÄUMER, ED.1/1 | naT he f i n a l e nt r y i n t he re cove red jou r na ls of Fr it z Träu me r, whose whe reab out s re m a i n su n k now n but i s sp e c u lated to b e somewhe re e nt i re ly or ig i na l.
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