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Ine is a total home security solution designed by the crew of experts in Rain Concert, utilizes the possibilities of wireless and mobile technologies. The application runs on GPS/GPRS enabled phones which the user carries and in case of emergency, user can run the application in click of a button and send alert messages to specified contacts in his mobile device.

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Ine home security_systems

  1. 1. In an Emergency inE HOME… CONNECTED FOR SECURE
  2. 2. inE Home… We could Connected for very well Secure We all are aware of the fact that our lives are in some way or the be the next target other exposed to theft threats. We always live or survive dangerously as the possibility of a theft or burglary without our knowledge always looms around our life. Who knows whether our moves are closely observed by a person or a gang? The nature and execution of attacks vary each and every time. Acts like theft claims umpteen innocent lives for no reason. What is inE? An unwanted stranger can intrude at any moment into our life. The encounter with an Is there a way to live safe? anonymous person would often paralyse our Who will help us in danger? reflexes say, for that matter, preventing us from being able to make a call on time, put on A unique, path breaking solution called the lights or yell for help. inE (In an Emergency) is set to take care of our security concerns using latest inE ensures total safety to our life. The wireless and mobile technologies. This is system proposed and designed by a crew of launched by a consortium of leading expert service providers is flexible enough to technology driven companies. house everyones’ needs under various membership schemes. We can make our wealth and above all, our near and dear ones’ life safe, by going for inE. How does this work? A single key press on your mobile phone or the exclusive device, would alert the people surrounding you Security personnel at your rescue within 5 minutes during mishap 24/7 tracking system for roads, method to alert the Police while the threat takes place. On the spot aid will be rendered through this service which ensures total safety to our lives inE offers a cost effective and fool proof scheme designed and customized for your safety and security
  3. 3. Mobile Phone Symbian phone Surveillance Camera Wireless Switch with Speed Dial with InE Application with motion detection Human Body Detector Intruder Alarm Ultrasonic Detector Wireless Reveiver Break Sensor DVR / PC/ GSM Module Embedded Device Block Diagram GSM Module Web Interface Mobile Interface DeaCelera's InEServer LIPSUM LIPSUM LIPSUM LIPSUM LIPSUM LIPSUM LIPSUM LIPSUM LIPSUM LIPSUM LIPSUM LIPSUM GO TO CANCEL Alarm POP (optional) (Local Alert Station) DVR GSM Module Power Monitoring and battery backup Gate Security LIVE STREAMING Security Friends & Relatives Police POLICE Benefits to members under this scheme Once you become a member of this scheme, you will be provided with software installed in a Nokia S60 Phone or any higher version for example: Nokia N97, Nokia X6, etc. or a good JAVA enabled phone Apart from using the phones, user can have access to the service by opting for wireless switch provision, wherein the switch can be fixed on cots or at some other convenient place A cost effective system that protects you from the theft even when you are not at home or while you are sleeping, is also in the offing Security measures for homes enhanced by using methods like sophisticated sensors (Motion Sensor, Break Sensor), camera etc. Members of the scheme can make use of remote controlled cameras and facilities available through another special package Remote monitoring techniques are used to track such untoward activities The doorway to main entrances, small roads, by lanes, etc. to colonies can be observed during night hours using night vision enabled cameras
  4. 4. inE Customer Services Facilities can be availed Security Officers available within 5 Minutes from 6 through Web Portal pm to 6 am and another officer during day hours, to keep intact the security system To seek help in emergency situations, you can save or edit the details regarding your friends, Provision to contact Security Officers or neighbors relatives, neighbors etc. 24/7 using mobile phones or wireless switches Satellite enabled system to keep a track on the Cost effective Security System offered to install at whereabouts of Security Officers and to ensure home while traveling or in case the person is not the officials had visited the assigned destinations at home every day Gadgets enabled with modern technology like Provision to cite complaints/suggestions etc. Night Vision Cameras and sensors for colonies can be used to keep a 24/7 surveillance Provision to download software in case the software is out of order or lost Timely help of security personnel can be sought anytime and anywhere in case of medical General information, details regarding the scheme emergencies. Security Officers would also help the and how to go about it are made available on the users to check the Diabetic, Blood Pressure levels home page of the web portal etc using specific devices Provision to keep a track on the activities of security officials during night hours. Users can All consumers registered under the scheme view the activities of the Security Officers, either can avail access to a web portal. User can log using mobile phones or through web portal access in to the web portal by providing the given name and password. You can save the The scheme offers a safety cum insurance contact names and numbers of your friends, package relatives, neighbors, etc. in the web portal after you have registered in the scheme. Options are available to edit or delete the details earlier saved by the user at any point inE for Nokia of time. This sophisticated software can only be installed in the handsets of customers possessing Nokia S 60 or above models. The software enabled with Symbian Operating System can be relied up on in emergency and troublesome circumstances due to its high efficiency POLICE inE Server
  5. 5. Special Features inE for JAVA Phones Press the key ‘2’ on keypad to enable the software inE software can be used in JAVA Operating System enabled phone as well. A higher version of Send emergency from phones to inE Server by features can be found in Nokia phones as continuously pressing the digit ‘2’ compared to JAVA enabled phones. JAVA enabled phones support inE security system in emergency Server will ask to confirm the request made situations (Customers can either enable or disable the same) Emergency alerts seeking help will be sent In emergency situations, alerts can be sent to the immediately (upon confirmation by the customer) server by selecting an icon from a JAVA enabled to the contact details saved in the server already phone Customers have the provision to store up to 15 Phone will ring and the lights will turn on upon numbers in the Server receiving a call from the server On pressing the digit ‘2’, Security Officers will Alerts can be sent via phone to the server by receive alerts on their mobile. They can attend entering and selecting the menu customers within 5 minutes after receiving the message All applications possible through Nokia phones are supported by JAVA phones too. If the phones are By presetting alerts to Police, ‘on the spot’ rescue GPS enabled inE will capture the longitude and and aid can be availed from them also latitude information In emergency situations, an alert will be sent to the preset numbers. The alarm system installed in the surrounding houses will be on and the lights will be put on which will alert neighbors during theft. This provision will enable Security Security Service Officers to reach the spot on time and inform the Police immediately about the mishap Immediate availability of Security Officers’ in emergency situations is the highlight of the Neither light nor sound will be produced upon scheme pressing the digit ‘2’ on the keypad. Similarly, no ring tone or lights will be produced on receipt of The security services can be availed for theft or confirmation of alert from the Server emergency medical services. The security officials are deployed in such a manner that any inE software can detect the current location emergency call can be attended within 5 minutes. (latitude/longitude) of the customer through In addition to all these provisions, the activities of satellite enabled signals the Security Officers can be tracked using Satellite based technologies The software can be enabled or disabled in order to prevent children from misusing it. Apart from this, the software is enabled to adjust the Pressing Time and confirm Emergency Calls Rain Concert has got the patent for the product ‘inE’ software under the Govt. of India, Intellectual Property Rights Act inE Server Alert POP
  6. 6. The whereabouts of the Security Officers can be tracked using satellite enabled technology. The Security Service using customers can seek information regarding security guards through web portals or mobile Appropriate Technologies phones, this is a fool proof e-beat facility planned A low cost Electro-Electric-Mechanical solution is also offered to prevent the theft attempt. This will Security Officers can be availed to check medical be installed in the doors and windows to ensure emergencies like Diabetes, Blood Pressure, etc. protection. If somebody break open the doors or using devices and also for other Medical windows the system will alert the users Emergencies Security Officers’ help can be sought by using a phone number for example –‘9847000247’. The Sensor based alerts will be routed to the Server and if the Server will in turn will alert the Security Officers security protection There is high end solution that comes with The movements of Security Officers can be traced Censor/ remotely controlled camera based by using Server and satellite signals. In case the package is also available in the package Security Officers are attacked, the POPs installed close by to the locality can be alerted and the entire areas can be on guard The activities of security officers can even be tracked through mobile phone. The security officers will visit the customers every month to know if the customers are satisfied and to take care of grievances, if any The Security Officers will be provided with a two- wheeler and will be equipped with the most- modern GPS/GPRS technology enabled phone and Vehicle Tracking devices Wireless Switch Digital Video Recorder The wireless switch can be installed in Households in addition to mobile phones. Road/Street Surveillance This can be installed on cots or other A housing colony or a place can be brought under appropriate places as per the discretion of complete night surveillance with the use of Night the users. During emergencies, an alert can Vision cameras etc. With this system roads and be sent by pressing the switch which is by lanes of Residents Associations and colonies made possible through the services provided can be tracked and events can be recorded during by Cellular Company night hours Digital Video Recorder
  7. 7. POPs with Alarm Facility Server/Call Center In the inE scheme 200 Households will be Server/Call Center primarily focuses on provided with a POP (Point of Presence). The POP coordinating the entire activities and works 24/7. comprises of a GPRS device and an alarm system Phone calls are connected to Security personnel installed in it. To tackle emergency situations, through the Server. The Security Officers can be neighbors can be alerted by using this POP observed throughout their stipulated working facility. In case, anybody tries to dismantle the hours by means of GPS/GPRS enabled phones same, alarm will be on immediately which they are carry and can even be alerted if they happen to remain idle at a particular place beyond a certain limit. Customers can also access to this information
  8. 8. for more details Dea Celera Electronic Devices (P) Ltd Janaki Bhavan, TC 9/1620 SRKM Hospital Road, Sasthamangalam Thiruvananthapuram - 695 581 Kerala, India +91 471 4062125