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Rich internet application rain concert


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Rain Concert Rich Internet Applications

Published in: Technology, Business
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Rich internet application rain concert

  1. 1. Rich Internet Application @
  2. 2. RIA Project Portfolio
  3. 3. Application
  4. 4. Web Portals
  5. 5. Online Games
  6. 6. • Social Visor Desktop Application – Comprehensive desktop application which integrates Face book, Twitter and Yammer services – Adobe AIR/FLEX Desktop application • Financial Accounting application – Highly advanced financial book keeping application in flex – Development of custom components using flex/AS3 – Most advanced OOP programming Flagship Projects
  7. 7. • Kiosk Application – Multi-touch Kiosk application for New York City transit – Developed using AS3/AIR/Flex with TUIO AS3 library • Video Players – Custom high quality video players with advanced features . – Players capable of handling progressive download or streaming – Multi-bit rate players based on FMS – Video engineering including transcoding to different formats.
  8. 8. • Video Conferencing Application – Multiple video output – Transfer files, video or presentations, use interactive white board, Text chat archival facility – Developed in AIR based on AFCS/LCCS (Adobe Flash/Livecycle collaboration services) platform • Live Streaming Solution – Video streaming solution uses Flash media server for high quality streaming
  9. 9. • Samsung Website – Growing human chain in which millions of members can join – Developed in flex/AS3 and the human chain in Paper vision 3D • Flip Book – Flip Book engine capable of displaying images, video and text, users can use this application as if they are using a physical text
  10. 10. • 3D Paranormal – Creating 3 D panorama using image stitching – Google Map Integration • Face Book application – Application for the music distribution – Song Dashboard – Financial Section – Promotion
  11. 11. • Live Chat Engine – Real time video and text chat – Based on Adobe Collaboration services for Video chat • Game Portal – Game Portal site that integrates multiple games with rich graphics and interfaces
  12. 12. • Multiplayer Chess – Multiple Game Room – Live Chat – Open socket servers: Smart Fox server • Multiplayer Educational Game – Educational quiz constituting multiple choice questions – Game statistics to evaluate player performance – Open socket servers: Smart Fox server
  13. 13. • Sudoku – Generate unlimited puzzles – Capable of solving any hard puzzle 7.htm • Face Book Game – A wack game for the face book user along with social networking features of the face book platform/footprints
  14. 14. For further clarifications/ queries contact Rain Concert Technologies Private Ltd. Phone: +91 – 471-2700751 E-mail: Web: Thank You