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Senior Cohousing: Triple Bottom Line Affordable


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Senior Cohousing: Triple Bottom Line Affordable

  1. 1. Senior Cohousing:Affordable housing for Aging in Place
  2. 2. Currently, 60% of Canadians have debt whenthey retire.Canadians have greater personal debt thanAmericans.
  3. 3. By 2025, 30% of the population will beretired.Many seniors also willstill work.And many will need “affordable”(below market) housing.
  4. 4. Most seniors want to age in place – and they want that place to be Home, not an institution
  5. 5. Many will need a littlehelp -- but not much -- asthey age in place.Seniors can provide someof that help for eachother through “co-care”or mutualassistance, friendshipamongst neighbours.
  6. 6. Canadian SeniorCohousing is developing a made-in-Canada model for affordable, sustainable senior cohousing
  7. 7. Senior Cohousing offers a structure for triple-bottom-line affordability, with a provenEuropean track record.
  8. 8. #1.Senior Cohousing isFinancially Affordable•density bonusing & deed restriction create below-market purchase and rental options•Downsizing reduces purchase & operating costs•So do economies of scale•Energy saving features reduce utility costs•Co-caring & universal design reduce health care costs
  9. 9. Senior cohousing saves the system money Keeping an elderly patient in the community and out of a long-term home saves the system $50,000 a year. The Globe & Mail, 12 July 2011
  10. 10. #2Senior Cohousing isSocially Affordable • Co-caring, neighbours helping each other, encourages aging in place • Social interaction increases longevity • Dementia is rare & residents create new neural pathways dailySenior cohousing potluck
  11. 11. #3Senior Cohousing isEnvironmentally Affordable•‘green’ features reduce energy consumption•Sharing common spaces & amenities is energyefficient•Smaller dwelling housesfree up land for green space and food gardens
  12. 12. We want to flourish in Senior Cohousing that offers: accessibly designed, privately owned dwellings, shared common facilities withcaregiver suite, enabling us to age at home in community Do you share this vision?Find out more about our non-profit and about housing projects in your area at