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Florida Commercial Roofing Contractor Re-Roofing Energy Efficient Roofing


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Commercial Roofing Contractors, building the most energy efficient roofing in Florida. We build white reflective roofing, Single Ply Roof Membrane Systems. Call 954 370 7879 for estimate

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Florida Commercial Roofing Contractor Re-Roofing Energy Efficient Roofing

  1. 1. Florida Commercial Roofing ConstructionWe’ve been working with architects and developers to install roofing systems innew Fort Lauderdale, Miami and Palms Beach buildings for over 25 years. Weoffer building owners the greatest return on investment by installing the mostenergy efficient roofing systems available. By providing high quality, long lastingwhite reflective roofing we can lower both your initial construction costs and yourlong terms energy expenses. Our lightweight reflective roofing systems allows forvalue engineering. Trusses can be placed farther apart and roofs can be further“greened” with energy saving rooftop gardens.Single Ply Roof Membrane SystemsWe specialize in single ply thermoplastic roofing including PVC roofing and TPOmembrane roofing technologies. Single ply roofing assemblies are formed frommultiple layers of barriers and insulations that have hot air welded membranes.They are easy to install, lightweight and recyclable. These thermoplastic roofingtechnologies allow you to install an energy efficient roofing system at acompetitive price.
  2. 2. High Tech Energy Efficient Roofing InstallationThe majority of roofing projects installed by Rainbow Roofing utilize hot-air-weldable membrane technology. For most applications, there simply is no better roof.  Our reflective roofing systems are pre-made in a factory controlled environment. This means higher quality and a more exact, professional installation.  Our thermoplastic roofing systems are installed with no asphalt fumes or smoke emissions.  Our energy efficient roofing systems use the latest technology in heat fusion of the roof sheets. No glue or tar, which can deteriorate over time, causing leaks, damage and expensive repairs.  Your reflective roofing system from Rainbow Roofing is warranted for up to 20 years, and will be virtually maintenance-free for 15 years.Through our commitment to service and passion for innovative technologies wehave been satisfying customers since 1985. If you are looking for roofingcontractors Florida has a number to choose from but few who can match ourservice and expertise when it comes to new roof construction. Call us today at954-370-7879 for an estimate. Or visit us at Us:Contact Person: Marc SegalAddress: 6825 SW 21st Court Unit 2Davie, FL.Ph No: 954-370-7879Email ID: