How to get bluetooth technology connected with your cell phone


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HooToo Answers Customer’s Question on How to Setup Bluetooth Headset to Work with Cell Phones. This steps are similar to setup Bluetooth to work with other devices.

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How to get bluetooth technology connected with your cell phone

  1. 1. HooToo Answers Customer’s Question on How to Setup Bluetooth Headset to Work with Cell Phones is a leading supplier of Laptop Accessories [mainly includes Laptop AC Adapters, Laptop Batteries, Laptop Keyboards and Laptop LCD Screen Panels] and other Electronics and Gadgets on the internet. Bluetooth Headsets are listing on under category of Cell Phone Accessories. According to HooToo sales data, its Bluetooth Accessories are hot selling items. “WEP-200 Bluetooth Headset Black” and “Gmate Bluetooth Transformer for Apple iPod iPhone iPad” are two hottest products ever. Customers are happy with those Bluetooth products. However, some ask how to setup Bluetooth with their Cell Phones. Here in this post, we are talking about how to setup a Bluetooth Headset to work with a Bluetooth compatible Cell Phone step by step. The product manager of has given clear steps, and the setup process is similar with other Bluetooth technology supported products. Firstly, please make sure that your cell phone is Bluetooth compatible. You can check your cell phone to make sure that it is Bluetooth compatible by looking in the settings. There should be an option for Bluetooth listed. Click on it and ensure that it is set to "Allow other Bluetooth devices to find me."
  2. 2. Secondly, unpack the WEP-200 Bluetooth headset and make sure it is charged. Or else, it may not be able to locate the receiver chip in your cell phone. While you wait for your Bluetooth to charge, you can also use the time to chargeyour cell phone. Thirdly, turn on the cell phone and the Bluetooth Headset. The instruction book that came with the Bluetooth should have a pictured diagram showing which buttons provide which function on your Bluetooth. Open the headset boom, which is the mouthpiece that folds under the earpiece on your Bluetooth. Fourthly, press and hold the button on your Bluetooth designed to locate pairs. The Bluetooth will flash a blue light three times to indicate it is searching for a receiver chip. On your cell phone, go to "Settings" and select "Bluetooth." The cell phone and the Bluetooth should lock on
  3. 3. each other as a pair. Fifthly, enter a pairing code in the pop up box. Generally the code is 00000. Once you have this entered, your cell phone should say, "Pairing successfully completed." When you open the boom of the Bluetooth and put the Bluetooth to your ear, you should be able to hear your cell phone. Note: If there is no light flashing, then it can not be connected. There instruction steps are also showed in the user manual. Looking for Bluetooth Accessories, please feel free to browse or just simply paste this URL into your internet browser: tml.