HooToo Introduces iPad 2 Leather Case with Built-in Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard


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HooToo offers iPad 2 Leather Cases with Built-in Bluetooth Keyboard to meet the need of quicker and more comfortable typing experience from tech fashion fans.

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HooToo Introduces iPad 2 Leather Case with Built-in Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

  1. 1. HooToo Introduces iPad 2 Leather Case with Built-inWireless Bluetooth KeyboardTechnology makes every thing possible. Internet Market, Communicationand Electronics Industries are developing rapidly. 2011 saws the thrivingmarket of iPad 2 and its peripherals. Just take iPad 2 case as an example.There are trillions of iPad 2 cases available at the market in the smallelectronics world, Huangqiangbei, Shenzhen, China. Well, at the moment,iPad 2 Leather Case with Built-in Wireless Bluetooth Keyboards are thehottest cases for iPad 2 ever. This leather case with built-in BluetoothKeyboard gains great loves from those who are more suitable withphysical keyboards then virtue keyboards. Then, users need to get itconnected well before using it. Here in this post, Product Manager fromHooToo.com tells you how to get the Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard onthe Leather Case well connected with your iPad 2 step by step.First, let us take a look at some “Outstanding Features” of “iPad 2Leather Case with Built-in Bluetooth Keyboard” on HooToo.com. 2-in-1: Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard + Folding Leather Protective Case. Built-In wireless Bluetooth 2.0 silicone keyboard and with wireless operation distance up to 10 meters.
  2. 2. Stylish and high grade protective PU leather case designed for iPad 2 with display stand for easy viewing. Keyboard Built-In Lithium Rechargeable battery lasts for approximately 45 hours per charge and with LED indicators. Good touch feeling and quiet keystrokes. Waterproof and dustproof design, lightweight, compact, easy to carry and handle. Easy operation, need no drive, just plug and play.This iPad 2 leather case comes with a built-in bluetooth keyboard thatseamlessly connects with the iPad 2 for a quicker and more comfortabletyping. It is ideal for students, business persons, travelers, etc..
  3. 3. This iPad 2 case holder can easily convert into a laptop style position fora more comfortable typing, as well as for tablet use, by folding the iPadleather case which then hides the keyboard out of sight. This iPadleather case simply opens like a book while providing full protection forthe iPad screen. It also allows access to all the controls and ports at alltimes, meaning you have full functionality whilst your iPad is still insidethe case.This perfect innovative iPad 2 leather case is ideal for people whoregularly use their iPad for e-mailing, making notes, and writingdocuments; whilst its clever design makes sure your iPad 2 is always safeand secure. This iPad 2 case also comes with an elastic strap closuresystem that makes life easier.Looking for iPad 2 Leather Cases with Built-in Bluetooth Keyboard,please go visit HooToo.com or just simply paste this URL into yourinternet browser:http://www.hootoo.com/ipad-2-leather-case-with-built-in-bluetooth-keyboard-black-p-109514.html.