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3D Game Environment Workflow


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Creating a 3D level.

Published in: Education
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3D Game Environment Workflow

  1. 1. The first thing I did is I’ve created a room with a doorway on each wall. I was not sure how many corridors and other rooms I will want to build, so I’ve built 4 doorways with the idea that I can get rid of them If I don’t need them.
  2. 2. Each doorway is shaped slightly different because I was experimenting with the arch shapes.
  3. 3. The next thing I did was duplicating the whole room. Now I have got 2 identical rooms.
  4. 4. I decided to connect them with a bridge that will later be transformed into a corridor. One thing that I didn’t mention yet is textures. I have created 2 materials (one for floor and one for walls) and applied them.
  5. 5. I decided to build my third room a level below the two other rooms. And I want it to be a room with multiple prison cells.
  6. 6. I have built walls around this room and created some arches for doorways.
  7. 7. In my first room I created this platform that will be used to get to another room on the second floor.
  8. 8. This is what the room on the second floor looks like. It is slightly smaller and has stairs leading to another room.
  9. 9. This fifth room is also quite small and is connected to the second room.
  10. 10. The little bridge that was connecting the first two rooms now has a ceiling.
  11. 11. Then I’ve decided to make another room and make quite special. Started with the stairs.
  12. 12. Here is my last room, as you see it has thinner walls.
  13. 13. Keeping the project organised.
  14. 14. Finished the wall in room number 1. Also started making nice arches in other doorways.
  15. 15. Finished all doorways and starting building roofs.
  16. 16. On this screenshot I’m in the process of roofing.
  17. 17. As you see I have finished all roofs and applied textures from the asset store. I also created the ground to expand my level. Before I did this my buildings were floating in the skies.
  18. 18. Screenshot showing the inside. This is what the textures look inside. I’ve added a green point light to make it more atmospheric.
  19. 19. Another room.
  20. 20. I placed red light in this room. Later on I am planning to have multiple torches on the walls as sources of light.
  21. 21. I applied the textures to every surface on the level.
  22. 22. This bottom level is going to be an extra place where the player will be able to go. It will have some objects that will serve as cover for players to hide behind them.
  23. 23. On the asset store I found a sky box that suits me and imported it into my project. I decided to create a night time level and chose the skybox accordingly. I also ticked “fog” in the lighting bar and made my level a bit foggy. Fog is only visible on the bottom level because it is a large open space.
  24. 24. I have finished the roof in my prison room. If you look from the top it looks a bit weird but the players will only see it from the inside where it is fine. As you see I have also applied the same texture to this room making it look similarly to other rooms and fixed some problems and holes in the walls and ceilings. They appeared because of this unusual shape of architecture.
  25. 25. Moving to my first room, I have built another ladder from room 1 to the bottom floor. It is curved and can be also used a place for the players to hide. At the moment there are only 2 stairs that you can use to get to the main 4 rooms from the bottom level.
  26. 26. Before I created torches I decided to create fire that these torches will have. So I have added a fire particle from the asset store and created a point light. Placed them into the same spot to create an illusion of fire giving light. As I create torches I will do the same for all of them and make the light up my rooms.
  27. 27. I have added three more light sources to light up the corridor. I think the lighting looks natural and fancy.
  28. 28. To create my torches I opened Blender and created this 3D model. I am going to place the fire effect into the torch to make it look realistic.
  29. 29. Here is what the torch looks like inside the project. Now I am going to duplicate this torch and create around 5 of them. At this stage I have experimented with adding shadows to these lights but adding hard shadows create really weird shadows because of the torches and I decided to turn them off.
  30. 30. Looking at my level I thought that my architecture is too simple in some places so I changed the shape of the pillars and replaced the old ones with these -
  31. 31. I have improved the small pillars and the tallest pillar too. Small ones -
  32. 32. The tall one -
  33. 33. Then I started duplicating torches and placed them into another corridor. I decided to use torches only in corridors.
  34. 34. To make the level a bit more interesting I have added more objects to use as cover. I did this by duplicating existing pyramids and balls.
  35. 35. Continuing to make the level more complicated and interesting. I have decided to create a fence around the level so that players won’t be able to fall off the level. This is what the base of the fence will look like.
  36. 36. As you can see, then I have added the top bar to complete the fence and have copied and pasted it to every side of the bottom floor. I feel like every level must have some limits to make it clear where it ends and to show the players where they cannot go.
  37. 37. I have added these benches in each cell so that the cells don’t look so empty.
  38. 38. To finish of the cells I have created these bars in Blender and imported them into the project.
  39. 39. Here is what they look when I placed them in place. I have made 1 cell opened so that the player could enter in.
  40. 40. This is what other cells look.
  41. 41. The last thing that I’ve done is placed a wall to block this doorway and have set it to invisible. Otherwise the player would fall off the level as he tries to walk in there.