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The Other TOD: Retaining Existing Development in a Corridor by Terry Benelli


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Not everything good is new. Rail transit investments in urban corridors can mean opportunities for new development. But what about those businesses that already exist? Who's looking out for the development that is already a valuable component in a community's character? Mitigating construction impacts along a corridor requires a unique set of tools and plenty of creativity. Learn strategies to help existing development survive the impacts of the construction phase. Hear how to assist businesses that might be financially constrained. Get an inside view of programs that focused on existing development during and after construction of urban rail projects in Phoenix and Minneapolis communities.

Moderator: Bob Post, Vice President, Director of Transportation, AECOM, Portland, Oregon
Terry Benelli, Executive Director, Local Initatives Support Corporation, Phoenix, Arizona
Isabel Chanslor, Director of NDC Business Lab, Neighborhood Development Center, Saint Paul, Minnesota

Published in: Real Estate
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The Other TOD: Retaining Existing Development in a Corridor by Terry Benelli

  1. 1. Mesa AZ Central Main Extension Business Assistance Program 2011-2015
  2. 2. Partners
  3. 3. Central Main Extension Event Schedule Environmental Assessment Summer 2009-Summer 2011 Business Assistance Program Summer 2011-Fall 2015 Design 2010-2012 Construction Starts 2012 Opening of extension August 2015
  4. 4. 2009- Focus collaboration in Downtown Mesa to prep for construction of a three mile extension of the Metro Light Rail. Weekly convening's of businesses to activate area Events missing in the corridor since 2006 2010 – Surveyed and events Increase revenue by $19,000 Businesses working together to produce 2011- City of Mesa and Metro Business Assistance Program Prepare for construction of the Light Rail. No registry for businesses, build a database 464 businesses No marketing dollars for program Electric rebate program Building trust
  5. 5. Business Assistance Program Year City funds Leverage 11/12 $250,000 $40,000 12/13 $200,000 $161,000 13/14 $250,000 $294,000 14/15 $120,000 $276,000 Leverage from LISC JP Morgan Chase State Farm Am Trust US Bank
  6. 6. Technical Assistant 21 consultants- experts in their field Weekly 1 hour workshops (education and networking) Attend 4 a year, get electric rebate in summer months Merchant meeting Hispanic Business Alliance Restaurant meeting Retail meeting Opportunity to sign up for one on one consulting General Business Marketing Financial Specialty Accounting HR Org. Development IT systems Cost analysis Planning Print Design Video Social Media Façade Window display No funds could be spent on advertising QuickBooks Financial reporting Loan Packaging Risk Management Lease negotiations Restaurant Liquor Hispanic marketing Collective buying Tax reporting
  7. 7. JP Morgan Chase Art Entrepreneur CTI LEAP
  8. 8. Amtrust Bank Hispanic Business Alliance
  9. 9. Grant program 26 grants Google Inside View Local First Arizona Small Wonders map and membership to LFA Splash page Over 50 businesses with Google inside view Mesa- beta site for product
  10. 10. Activate the Alleyway State Farm $60,000 grant $252,000 investment 18 businesses
  11. 11. March Community walking tour to analyze positive and negative conditions. July Received grant - 12 spots were taken within a 24 hour period. July Walked through the area with experts on façade improvements for walkable areas. August Presented walkthrough findings to the businesses and began consultant work to develop individual façade improvements. September Began working with the business to acquire completive bids for agreed upon work to be completed. Had room for 6 more grants October Began working with the City of Mesa and various departments to complete encroachment/right-of-way and Signage applications to include: City Manager’s Office City Planning, Director City Building Safety, Director City Permitting, Director City Engineer, Director City Development Services, December Grant closure and all work completed Activate the Alleyway
  12. 12. TOD community Bike Audit Walking audit
  13. 13. Downtown Urban Summit
  14. 14. Community engagement
  15. 15. If you knew it, you’d do it! Ripple
  16. 16. Sliver Lot Nite Market
  17. 17. Mesa Urban Garden
  18. 18. Terry Benelli 602-252-6313 LISC Phoenix’s activities focus on creating healthy communities along transit corridors in Phoenix, Tempe and Mesa We believe there is urgency and need to focus on these opportunities.