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RV 2015: Guerrilla Placemaking by Josh Ghaffari


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What roles do pop-up art, parklets and other guerilla strategies play in turning communities into great places? Do these efforts support, influence or hinder the "officially sanctioned" placemaking actions? What if these efforts are, in fact, officially sanctioned? Share your story and get inspired by ideas and actions from other attendees while you eat.

Facilitators: Josh Ghaffari, Community and Facilities Planner, Government of the District of Columbia; New Rail~Volutionaries Leadership Committee, Washington, DC
Janet Gonzalez, Transportation Sustainability Director, HDR, Chicago, Illinois

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RV 2015: Guerrilla Placemaking by Josh Ghaffari

  1. 1. 2015 Rail~Volution Conference Dallas, TX Idea Exchange― Guerilla Placemaking Facilitators Joshua Ghaffari, Community and Facilities Planner – DC Office of Planning, Washington, DC Janet Gonzalez, Transportation Sustainability Director – HDR, Chicago, IL
  2. 2. What is a Pop-up?
  3. 3. Where do you see pop-ups in your city?
  4. 4. What makes them successful?
  5. 5. Temporary Parklets
  6. 6. Temporary Street Furniture
  7. 7. Retail & Performance
  8. 8. Arts & Events
  9. 9. Food Trucks
  10. 10. Traveling meetings
  11. 11. Placemaking and Community ...the importance of on-the-ground activities
  12. 12. Outreach should be: 1. Easy 2. Fun 3. Worthwhile
  13. 13. Understand what you are trying to accomplish •  Get input (from a diverse group) •  Build support and foster relationships •  Educate and expose public and stakeholders •  Build a culture/build excitement
  14. 14. Get people involved... ...even though they didn’t know they wanted to be The pop-up
  15. 15. A captive audience
  16. 16. An unwitting audience
  17. 17. Get people invested... ...find common ground
  18. 18. A walking workshop
  19. 19. Multi-jurisdictional workshop... ...including a diverse group of stakeholders
  20. 20. Get people to understand... ...put them in the right shoes
  21. 21. A bikeshop
  22. 22. A walkshop by wheelchair
  23. 23. Build a culture...
  24. 24. Of health
  25. 25. Of community
  26. 26. Make it worthwhile... ...for everyone
  27. 27. Get useful input... ...ask the right questions
  28. 28. Vote with your wallet Photo: Sam Schwartz Engineering D.P.C.
  29. 29. Let people see what others are saying