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RV 2015: E is for Equity: Exemplary Projects from Nonprofit Developers by Donald Falk


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Nonprofit developers have upped their game when it comes to equity TOD. They're building and planning some of the most ambitious ETOD projects across the country. Learn what they're doing and how they're doing it. Hear from leading practitioners about real-life challenges and opportunities inherent in the actual planning and building of ETOD projects -- best practices and cautionary tales. Take home new ideas on how you can do it better and at a greater scale in the future. The past year has been a busy one. Catch up on ETOD projects that will help build the collective capacity to create more great communities. This is not your father’s affordable housing.

Moderator: Mandy De Mayo, Executive Director, HousingWorks Austin, Austin, Texas
Mary Lawler, Executive Director, Avenue CDC, Houston, Texas
Donald Falk, Chief Executive Officer, Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation, San Francisco, California
Sarah Vogl, Manager of Development, Adams County Housing Authority, Commerce City, Colorado
Kara Niles, Director, Fund Development and Communication, Avenue Community Development Corporation, Houston, Texas

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RV 2015: E is for Equity: Exemplary Projects from Nonprofit Developers by Donald Falk

  1. 1. Equitable TOD in the Tenderloin Donald Falk, CEO
  2. 2. TNDC   TNDC  provides  affordable   housing  and  services  for  low-­‐ income  people  in  the  Tenderloin  and   throughout  San  Francisco,  to  promote   equitable  access  to  opportunity  and   resources.  
  3. 3. Collaboration TNDC   Office  of   Housing   Human   Services   Agency   Planning   Comm.   Partners   Gen   Contract   Arch   Finance   SFMTA   State   Funders   Social   Services  
  4. 4. Equality vs Equity   “Equality  is  providing  everyone  with  a   pair  of  shoes.  Equity  is  providing   everyone  with  a  pair  of  shoes  that  fit   them.”     -­‐Vernon  Wall  
  5. 5. Why Equitable TOD?
  6. 6. The Tenderloin: 94102 9.3%   unemployment   White,   50%   Aisan,   29%   Black,   13%   Other,   8%         90%   R E N T E R S     HOUSEHOLD     MEDIAN    INCOME:   San  Francisco:  $75,604   Tenderloin:  $22,517     Housing  stock  owned   by  non-­‐profits     or  subsidized    25%   Racial    Makeup  
  7. 7. Other TOD Projects
  8. 8. TNDC
  9. 9. Eddy & Taylor Family Housing
  10. 10. Eddy & Taylor Family Housing
  11. 11. Bird’s-eye View
  12. 12. eTOD: Lessons from the Tenderloin Housing   Transit   Health   Urban  Development:     A  HolisYc  Approach  
  13. 13. Don  Falk,  CEO   415.358.3923   @DonaldFalk   201  Eddy  Street   San  Francisco,  CA