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RV 2014: Urban Circulator Roundtable: Shaping Cities one Challenge at a Time by DJ Baxter


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Urban Circulator Roundtable: Shaping Cities One Challenge at a Time AICP CM 1.5
An urban circulator roundtable? How appropriate! Hear speakers from around the country -- Austin; Atlanta; Minneapolis-St. Paul; Portland-- experienced in different disciplines of urban circulator implementation. Start with short presentations from each unique perspective, then focus on the challenges and issues associated with implementation -- outreach, financing, traffic, etc. -- and how each organization overcame these challenges.
Moderator: Neil McFarlane, General Manager, TriMet, Portland, Oregon
Paul Zebell, Project Manager, Bureau of Transportation, City of Portland, Oregon
April Manlapaz, Transit Project Manager, AECOM, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Derek Benedict, PE, Transportation Engineer, URS Corporation, Austin, Texas
D.J. Baxter, Executive Director, Redevelopment Agency of Salt Lake City, Salt Lake City, Utah
Jim Erkel, Attorney & Program Director, Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy, St. Paul, Minnesota
Lisa Gordon, Chief Operating Officer, Atlanta Beltline, Inc., Atlanta, Georgia

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RV 2014: Urban Circulator Roundtable: Shaping Cities one Challenge at a Time by DJ Baxter

  1. 1. Lessons Learned 1.Design standards must be tailored to fit the intended functions of the project. 2.Strong, clear partnerships are crucial to success. 3.Branding the project gives the public ownership and creates an identity.
  2. 2. Embedded Track
  3. 3. Minimal Setback
  4. 4. No Z-Gates and Non-Standard Tactile Color
  5. 5. Multi-Modal
  6. 6. Create a “Green” way
  7. 7. Partnering = Strong Alliances
  8. 8. Branding
  9. 9. Brand Implementation
  10. 10. Brand Implementation
  11. 11. Brand Implementation
  12. 12. Brand Implementation
  13. 13. Brand Implementation