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RV 2014: People Don't Build Great Communities, Partnerships Do by Denny Zane


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People Don't Build Great Communities, Partnerships Do AICP CM 1.5

Partnerships of many kinds are necessary to craft a vision of the future that represents diverse constituencies; to empower governments to work towards that vision; and to maintain the focus and momentum necessary to succeed. When it comes to change, partnerships are critical at every stage. Boston, Los Angeles, Denver, South Florida. Unusual partnerships have been forged to engage communities and unite governments towards specific goals. Learn how partnerships at all levels are building great cities.

Moderator: Thomas Waldron, Transit Market Sector Director, HDR, New York, New York
Denny Zane, Executive Director, Move LA, Los Angeles, California
Zoe Williams, Transit Organizer, 9to5 Colorado, Denver, Colorado
James Arthur Jemison, Deputy Undersecretary, Department of Housing & Community Development, Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Boston, Massachusetts
Lynda Kompelien Westin, AICP, Transportation Planning Manager, Real Estate, South Florida Regional Transportation Authority, Pompano Beach, Florida

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RV 2014: People Don't Build Great Communities, Partnerships Do by Denny Zane

  1. 1. LLAA’’ss GGoott NNeeww MMoojjoo Measure R Press Conference, November 5, 2008 (Left to Right: LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Wendy Gruel, Assemblyman Mike Feuer, Move LA: Denny Zane, Diane Forte, Marlene Grossman)
  2. 2. Pacific Electric Red Cars – 1920 Further Digression: New System Looks A Lot Like Old System
  3. 3. 1990: Rail Transit in So. California
  4. 4. After Measure R Build-Out
  5. 5. WWhhoo iiss MMoovvee LLAA?? In 2007, Move LA initiated Measure R and convened a coalition to championed it: Business, Environmental & Labor organizations That coalition is now expanding to include : •Environmental & Social Justice groups •Affordable Housing advocates •Faith-based organizations •Senior & Disabled Communities •College and University Students
  6. 6. New Coalition Sponsored MMeeaassuurree RR iinn NNoovv..,, 22000088 • ½ cent LA County sales tax yielding over $36 billion over 30 years more than 2/3 for transit 67.8% of voters said “Yes” MMeeaassuurree JJ iinn NNoovv..,, 22001122 • To extend Measure R from 30 to 60 years 66.1% of voters said “Yes” A Near Win!!
  7. 7. MMoovvee LLAA’’ss NNaattiioonnaall PPrriioorriittyy Federal financing to accelerate development of transit program Approved: TIFIA loan program. Next up: America Fast Forward Bond Program
  8. 8. MMoovvee LLAA’’ss SSttaattee PPrriioorriittiieess 1. Approved: California’s “Cap & Trade” Program $5 Billion per yr. to Reduce GHG emissions • Clean transportation, incl. transit capital & ops • TOD & Affordable housing near transit • Active transportation • Conservation and Urban Forestry 2. Approved: Recreating Redevelopment • Tax Increment Financing will be available in transit corridors and station areas.
  9. 9. Next Local Priority An LA County Long Range Transportation Plan and ballot measure to fund it that: Ensures So Cal meets our clean air goals Ensures dramatic reductions in GHG emissions Ensures equitable TOD community development with effective affordable housing and anti-displacement programs Integrates with Cap & Trade and TIF to do it.
  10. 10. 2015-2016 has great significance in Southern California • Air Quality Management Plan to meet federal air quality standards developed in 2015, adoption in Spring 2016. • GHG Reduction Plan: Regional Transportation Plan and Sustainable Community Strategy to reduce GHGs developed in 2015, adoption in Spring 2016. • Long Range Transportation Plan to be developed by LA Metro in 2015, will likely be the basis for November 2016 ballot measure.
  11. 11. Transportation GHG Emissions is almost 40% of CA’s total Institute For Trans portation Studies University of California, Davis “Expanding public transportation, walking, and biking in cities…would result in reductions in carbon dioxide emissions reaching 1,700 megatons a year in 2050… Cleaning up traffic jams in the world’s cities offers the least pain and the most gain.”
  12. 12. WWhhyy 22001166?? • Likely higher presidential voter turnout. • Measure R Transit project delivery: • Likely better economy. 3 projects opened, 3 projects under construction. • Higher presidential voter turnout. • Better economy. • Time enough to build consensus. • Election Day voter registration will start . • Measure R Transit projects delivery: 3 projects opened, 3 projects under construction. • More time to build county consensus on program. • More time to prepare & run campaign. • Election Day voter registration will start & could be the margin of victory.
  13. 13. LA’s Transit Transformation in MR2
  14. 14. Improving Access ttoo tthhee TTrraannssiitt SSyysstteemm Measure R2 should ensure significant $$$ for first-mile / last-mile infrastructure Bicycle, pedestrian & shuttle improvements to create easier access to Metro stations and bus stops.
  15. 15. Getting tthhee CCoommmmuunniittyy DDeevveellooppmmeenntt RRiigghhtt Create separate Measure R2 funding category that creates significant $$$ incentives for cities to facilitate: Infill TOD with affordable housing and protections against displacement. Bike sharing, car sharing and other enhanced first-mile/last-mile strategies
  16. 16. A New Idea: Measure R2 should create a “Grand Boulevards Program” • Invest in boulevards with best transit expansion opportunities • Balanced by geographic equity • Resurface, signal synch., lighting, sidewalks and landscaping • “Complete streets” for cars, buses, bikes & pedestrians • Cleaner, safer bus stops with good lighting, digital connectivity • Mobility hubs w/ car and bike sharing
  17. 17. A New Idea: Measure R2 should create a “Grand Boulevards Program” • “Complete streets” incl. transit, bikes & pedestrians • Expand bus service plan transition to Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) • Signal synch, street lighting, cleaner, safer bus stops, digital connectivity, car and bike sharing. • Urban forestry w/ Cap & Trade $$ • Facilitate TOD & Affordable Housing w/ Cap & Trade $$ and TIF $$ • TIF $$ to unbundle parking to lower development costs & facilitate TOD.
  18. 18. RReeggiioonnaall OOppppoorrttuunniittiieess Modernize Metrolink regional commuter rail transit system between Los Angeles County, the Inland Empire, Ventura and Orange counties.
  19. 19. RReeggiioonnaall OOppppoorrttuunniittiieess Create a truly regional airport system by connecting the regional commuter rail system to airports including Ontario, Burbank and Palmdale.
  20. 20. RReeggiioonnaall OOppppoorrttuunniittiieess Investments in a Clean goods movement system •Speed grade separations, double-tracking, etc . •Expedite commercialization of clean truck and locomotive technologies.
  21. 21. November, 2016 will be LA’s Mojo Moment Ensure that Measure R2 funds a transportation system driven by environmental, economic and social justice principles and enables So Cal to: – meet federal clean air standards; – create the world’s most vigorous GHG reduction strategy when joined with CA’s existing ZEV, renewable energy and energy efficiency programs, Sustainable Communities and Cap & Trade program; and, – includes TOD with affordable housing and anti-displacement policies.
  22. 22.