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RV 2014: Creative Placemaking + Arts = Economic Development


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Creative Placemaking + Arts = Economic Development AICP CM 1.5

Irrigate is a nationally recognized, artist-led creative placemaking initiative along the METRO Green Line light rail corridor in St. Paul. Their community and economic development approach emphasizes cross-sector collaboration among neighborhood leaders, business owners and public sector officials. Learn how nearly 600 local artists were trained in creative placemaking, and how about 200 of those artists were supported to do 120 collaborative placemaking projects along the Green Line. Go deep into their placemaking approach with our panel of leaders from Irrigate, Springboard for the Arts, Local Initiative Support Coalition and the City of St. Paul.

Moderator: Richard Manson, Program Vice President, Local Initiatives Support Corporation, New York, New York
Jake Spano, Marketing Director, City of St. Paul, Minnesota
Laura Zabel, Executive Director, Springboard for the Arts, St. Paul, Minnesota
Erik Takeshita, Senior Program Officer, Local Initiatives Support Corporation, St. Paul, Minnesota

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RV 2014: Creative Placemaking + Arts = Economic Development

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