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BRT Surrounded by TOD by Jay Sears


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Bus rapid transit is the perfect fit for cities ranging from 150,000 people to several million. Study how cities of different sizes are using BRT in their communities. In Eugene, BRT investments seem just as permanent as rail's. See how they do it through design features in BRT infrastructure. Hear how BRT fits snugly into the growth strategy in Fort Collins. Learn how Eugene uses BRT to serve the University of Oregon population. Finally, discover new research about BRT's impact on employment and property values. Surround yourself with the latest on BRT!

Moderator: John Muth, Deputy Director for Development and Chief Development Officer, Charlotte Area Transit System, Charlotte, North Carolina
Kurt Ravenschlag, Tranfort and Dial-A-Ride General Manager, City of Fort Collins, Planning, Development & Transportation, Fort Collins, Colorado
John Evans, AICP, Senior Project Manager, Lane Transit District, Eugene, Oregon
Jay Sears, Managing Partner, NewQuest Properties, Houston, Texas

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BRT Surrounded by TOD by Jay Sears

  1. 1. NEC of Highway 290 & Skinner   Road  Cypress, Texas Jay K. Sears Managing Partner
  2. 2. Cypress Park & Ride ROUTE NUMBER ROUTE NAME 217 Cypress P&R ● Garage has 1,500 parking spaces ● Operates Mondays through Fridays: 5:00‐8:05 am (inbound) 2:50‐7:05pm (outbound) ● Bus runs: Inbound – 28 morning; 11 afternoon Outbound – 11 morning; 29 afternoon ● Cypress P&R to/from Downtown = approx. 50 minutes Cypress P&R to/from Galleria = approx. 1 hour and 10 minutes ● Metro Q Fare Card:  Cardholders earn 5 free rides with every 50 paid rides Bus Fare Type Fee Cash $4.50 METRO Q Fare Card $4.50 Student, senior, or disabled $2.25 Carpool Parking Charges Fee METRO Q Fare Card $2.00 Student, senior, or disabled $1.00 * Fee for parking in the garage
  3. 3. Site Plan Parking Garage 1,500 Parking Spaces Residential 273 Unit Apartments Transit Platform Retail / Office 99,409 Sq. Ft.
  4. 4. NEC of I‐10 & the Grand Parkway (Hwy 99)   Katy, Texas Katy Grand Square
  5. 5. Grand Parkway Park & Ride ROUTE NUMBER ROUTE NAME 222 Grand Parkway P&R ● Currently lot has approx. 900 parking spaces ● Operates Mondays through Fridays: 5:30‐8:12 am (inbound) 3:30‐6:30pm (outbound) ● Bus runs: Inbound – 15 morning; 5 afternoon Outbound – 5 morning; 16 afternoon ● Grand Parkway P&R to/from Downtown = approx. 50 minutes ● Future garage will have 1,600 parking spaces ● Metro Q Fare Card:  Cardholders earn 5 free rides with every 50 paid rides Bus Fare Type Full Fare Discounted Cash $4.50 None METRO Q Fare Card $4.50 $2.25 * No fee for carpool
  6. 6. Site Plan Parking Garage 1,600 Parking Spaces Transit Area Retail 140,802 Sq Ft.
  7. 7. Katy Park & Ride 900 cars per day
  8. 8. Westmoreland and S Illinois  Dallas, Texas Westmoreland Station
  9. 9. Westmoreland Master Plan Legend: Red – Commercial Purple – Multifamily Blue – Civic Yellow – Single Family Orange – Compact Neighborhood