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RV 2014: Legacy Systems and TOD by Yonah Freemark


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Legacy Systems + TOD

Legacy systems are transit systems where cities have grown up around them. With no new area for development, these transit systems -- and the communities surrounding them -- face special challenges. Creating livable neighborhoods and new development opportunities is especially difficult. How are older cities using infill to jumpstart development in problematic neighborhoods? How are hot markets, where land is scarce, using air rights to meet demand? Explore these complex approaches to TOD in legacy systems.

Moderator: Jack L. Robbins, AIA, Senior Associate, Fxfowle, New York, New York
Yonah Freemark, Project Manager, Metropolitan Planning Council, Chicago, Illinois
Francis X. DeCoste, Jr., Chief Operating Officer, TR Advisors LLC, Boston, Massachusetts

Published in: Real Estate
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RV 2014: Legacy Systems and TOD by Yonah Freemark

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