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923 2 cavaluzzi_your transit station


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Your Transit Station: A Place to Fall in Love? AICP CM 1.5
There may be more than transit and riders connecting at your 21st-century station. Nowadays, being an efficient transit access point is not the only design challenge. Stations anchor place making and build communities. Your station has to create value and be a good neighbor. It has to be a place where someone could fall in love. Hear three transit romance stories: Minneapolis’s new Target Field Station features great public spaces and integrated development. Reconstruction of two rapid transit stations in Cleveland’s University Circle is turning “scary places” into vibrant urban spaces. The transformation of Pittsburgh's East Liberty BRT station anchors an impressive strategy to bring back a blighted former urban renewal district that's attracted Google and Whole Foods.
Moderator: Val J. Menotti, Planning Department Manager, San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District, Oakland, California
Peter David Cavaluzzi, FAIA, Principal, Perkins Eastman, New York, New York
Alan Hart, AIA, Founding Principal, VIA Architecture, Vancouver, British Colombia
Rebecca Schenck, Senior Project Development Specialist, Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Published in: Design
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923 2 cavaluzzi_your transit station

  1. 1. Open Transit The Ways We Design and Develop Cities “ A Place to Fall in Love”
  2. 2. A “Grand” Place to “Fall in Love”
  3. 3. The “Heart” of the World
  4. 4. “Meet Me at the Clock”
  5. 5. A Sequence of Spaces
  6. 6. Historic park ave Creating an Address
  7. 7. A Place to Relax
  8. 8. “Spread the Love”
  9. 9. Growing the “Heart” of the City
  10. 10. Places that Inspire
  11. 11. Bringing it All Together
  12. 12. • Integration of all available transit modes • An orientation towards real estate development • Architecture that makes iconic spaces • Integration of culture with transit design • Appeal for non-transit users “Open Transit” The Secret Recipe:
  13. 13. Target Field Station The Next Great Place to Fall in Love
  14. 14. A Central Place for Transit
  15. 15. Fifth & Fifth In the “Heart” Fifth Street FifthAvenue
  16. 16. North Loop Identity
  17. 17. Multi-function Space
  18. 18. All Modes of Transit
  19. 19. Stormwater Collection & Reuse
  20. 20. Transit and Development
  21. 21. Iconic Spaces
  22. 22. Transit & Culture
  23. 23. A Station as a Theater
  24. 24. “The Next Great Place” To Fall in Love!!
  25. 25. A Walk Through the Light Garden
  26. 26. A Cultural Gathering
  27. 27. Using All Modes
  28. 28. A Place to Relax
  29. 29. Under the Canopy
  30. 30. A Cool Passage
  31. 31. Romantic Lighting
  32. 32. An Attraction for All
  33. 33. “The Next Great Place” To Fall in Love!!