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Rails for Charity ( railsforcharity.org ) http://www.meetup.com/Rails-for-Charity/

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  1. 1. Rails for Charity San Francisco / Bay Area
  2. 2. A Big Thank You to our sponsor
  3. 3. AgendaMember IntroductionsRailsforCharity(RFC) MissionRFC MotiveOpen source projectsAreas where we can contributeBenefits for us?How will we do it?Questions?
  4. 4. Member Introductions
  5. 5. RailsforCharity(RFC) Mission “To build open source web basedapplications which help in improving the society.”
  6. 6. RFC Motive• We want to fix the social problems that surround us through the use of our skills (Technology) and give something back to the society.• We want to incubate, foster, develop, mentor and support web based software projects which could potentially have a social impact.• Provide a platform for people to share/pitch their social impacting ideas, get help and be helped for achieving their goals.• We want to make Silicon Valley the starting point for such a unique open source initiative.
  7. 7. We have built hundreds of open source projects and tools Now its for us to build & maintain complete end to end web based open source applications.
  8. 8. Areas where we can contribute Most of Silicon Valley is focused on building products for the top 1% of the worlds population. Do you think we can sell an apple iPod or even coca-cola to them ? Most of the world is not 16-29 year old males. Theres a whole range of perspectives that go underrepresented in Silicon Valley. There are a lot of women out there. Older folks. Also, it might be hard to imagine, but there are a lot of kids not growing up on video games. Source: http://www.quora.com/Silicon-Valley/What-are-some-things-Id-be- shocked-to-learn-about-the-outside-world
  9. 9. continued...Most of the world needs solutions to problemswe rarely talk about, in areas like healthcare, agricultural production, sustainableconstruction, citizen activism andempowerment, childhood education, affordabletransportation, community solidarity andefficacy, etc.In short, there are lots of simple ideas thatwe can implement and make a difference.
  10. 10. Benefits for us?Self satisfaction. You know that you aregiving back to the society.Open source projects shine well on yourresume. A contributor of a large opensource project is more impressive than anindividual contributor in a corporate one.Collaborate and learn.Work on latest technologies apart from yourjob.
  11. 11. continued...Meet people from various backgrounds. Workon projects which have a direct impact.Work on challenging problems and whackyideas.If not us, who will?
  12. 12. How will we do it?Anyone who has an idea would pitch.Members will vote on each idea and formteams to work on those ideas.The code will be open sourced.Friendly competition among the teams.Take Baby steps.Build a working version 0.1 in 2 weeksDeploy on heroku (heroku.com)
  13. 13. continued...Meet again, get feedback & assimilate newmembers into the pictureIterate continuously & get Beta out in 2months.Spread the word.Monitor user engagement.Reshuffle teams...Keep iterating...
  14. 14. Tools & ServicesGithub - For Source Control & IssueTrackingPivotal Tracker - For ProjectManagementTravis CI - For ContinuousIntegrationHeroku - For Deployments
  15. 15. Who do we need?Everyone!Artists, Businessmen, Designers, Developers,Editors, Evangelists, Marketing, Sales,Lawyers, Writers, QA, etc...In short, anyone who is passionate aboutcharities and open source and wants tocontribute.
  16. 16. Questions / Comments / Ideas
  17. 17. For the next meetup... Pitch your idea. Vote. Divide and conquer.
  18. 18. Thank You!