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Clat 753 px

  1. 1. CLAT 2014 RANK BOOSTER TEST SERIES DETAILS "CLAT Rank Booster Test Series will prodigiously raise your standards of Preparation across 5 Sections" - Founder, LawRhythms
  2. 2. MISSION Vision Our Immediate GoalTointensifyanaspirants’preparationbyprovidinghimwiththenecessary toolsneededtojumpoverall hurdlesandcrossthelineofcontrol,acutelypaintedbyNLU Gandhinagar,forCLAT2014. Our Vision is to become the role models in CLAT Prep, ensuring that our unequaled and phenomenal Classroomapproachreacheseveryaspirant,acrosstheNation. PerformeveryactionthatwilltakeanaspirantclosertoAIR#1inCLAT.
  3. 3. IntroductionIt took us almost two yearsto get into the Online Testing Platform. What were we doing in these 24 months?We were researching and researching. Afterhaving Produced AIR 15, 17, 37, 40, 37, 74, 90 and many more from One Year Classroom Contact Programs, MU | LawRhythms now brings to you the most phenomenal CLAT Preparatorymodule at your door step. CautionThis is not a usual CLAT 2014 Prep Test Series. This is a unique in the sense that it has been catergorized, drafted,researched over 24 months – The CLAT RankBoosters. These tests are not just designed for you to clear the examination but every test will help you in boosting your Rank in CLAT 2014. The final day fears, the nervousness, the difficulty levels and 'expect the unexpected' thoughts are all taken care off. After doing these questions 6600+ questions and thoroughly researching around them we are sure that you won't need anything else. We feel proud when we say that your 200 Questions in CLAT 2014 will revolve around this Content,only.
  4. 4. What are CLAT Rank Boosters?CLATRankBoostersareaseriesof75Testsdividedintomultiplesections. 20GKRankBoosters 25PATorPerformanceAppraisalTestsRankBoosters N.L.S.I(willget)URankBoosters 15FullLengthRankBoosters
  5. 5. GK Rank Boosters: Whatarethese? Scared of General Knowledge?You don’t know whattostudyfor GK. The lasttime youvisitedsomeone for CLAT Prep counseling and they said this, “Everything under the sun is GK”and so you have to prepare everything – Impossible isn’t it? But not now. The GK Rank Boosters are a set of minutely selected and most important GK questions only keeping CLAT and AILET in mind. Get access to all the GK Material that we discuss, gather and generate for CLAT 2014 over the nextsession. Whyyouneedthese? One stopsolutiontoallyourGK needs.Weclocked45/50QuestionsinCLAT2013fromour High End Classroom Discussions in GK. Now the same discussions are all set to go online. Unlike you, we wontwe surprised if we again clock 45/50 Questionsin CLAT 2014.You miss it. Youlooseit.Andwearesureyouwontwanttoleaveanystoneunturned.
  6. 6. PATs or the Performance Appraisal Tests Rank Boosters:Whatarethese? These are multiple Sectional Tests divided across the 5 Sections – English Language, Mathematics, General Knowledge and Current Affairs, Logical Reasoning and Legal Aptitude/Reasoning. These tests are speciallydesignedtoimproveyourScores across all Sections.The Levelof Difficulty varies from test totest. Whyyouneedthese? You don’t want to score low in any section. Right? Scoring high in CLAT 2014 will begin with scoringhighinIndividualSections.Afterallyoursectionalscoresaddupandmakeupyourfinalscoreof CLAT 2014. These PATs will raise your performance across Individual Sectionsand will ultimatelyraiseyouroverallscoreofCLAT2014.
  7. 7. N. L. S. I. (will get) U Rank BoostersWhatarethese? This rare set of 15 Tests are NOT FOR EVERYONE. It has been designed especially for the CLAT takers who are aiming for the TOP 50 Ranksin CLAT 2014. To achievethe Top 50youneed toa cutabovetherestandthatiswhattheN.L.S.I.(willget)U RankBoosters Serieshastooffer you.This High End Test Series, with the Level of Difficulty at its peak is not to be missed by CLAT aspirantsaimingtobethereattheapex. Whyyouneedthese? You have prepared from your preparatory material and all available books in the bookstore and you wanttotestyourselfatthenext level.Doyouhaveitinyoutoreach the Top 50? Check it herewith15TestsinallacrossallSections.Andoffcourse,thelevelhereisdifferent.
  8. 8. Full Length Rank BoostersWhatarethese? Wedon’tfeelembarrassedwhenwesaythateachmockthatwepreparetakesatleast10days to reach the desk. This is the amount of research that goes into preparation of every question across all sections. The level of difficulty is maintained across all 15 MOCKS (12 CLAT based, 2 AILET based and 1 SET based). The quality of deliveryand the amountof hard workthat has gone into every question is reflected and therefore these have been regarded as the most exceptional MOCKTestSeriesacrossthecountry. Whyyouneedthese? Are these those Regular Mocks that you get on the next left turn? You got to be kidding.Refreshthepageandsitagain.ThesearetheFullLengthMocksofLawRhythmsandtheyare the most acclaimed Mock Test Series across the Nation now. These Full Length Tests will set youintherightframeofmindfortheD-day.AfterallCLAT2014willallbeabouttheTestTaking Strategies.
  9. 9. Shall I need to buy all of it?Thatdependsontheneedofthestudent. Weofferyouthecompletepackageat4999oryoucanpickupeachofitat1499