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Chapter 9


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Chapter 9

  1. 1. Chapter 9 9I: 4 Definitions
  2. 2. Terms to know: • Incontinence • Hydronephrosis • Nephrolithiasis • Polycystic kidneys • These terms are from the urinary
  3. 3. Urinary Incontinence • Usually occurs • This is the loss of when muscles are bladder control; too weak or too meaning there’s a active. involuntary release • Treatment depends of urine. on lifestyle and may include: simple exercises or special procedures
  4. 4. Hydronephrosis • Distention of the • When hydronephrosis pelvis due to urine occurs quickly, people collecting in the kidney may have extreme pain resulting from an between the ribs and obstruction. the hips • Usually the • But when it occurs obstruction comes more gradually, people may have no symptoms from a ureter. or experience attacks of dull, aching
  5. 5. Nephrolithiasis • Occurs when there • Factors is a presence of predisposing to calculi in the kidney stones kidney. include recent • This usually begins reduction in fluid with the intake, increased solidification of exercise with salts in the urine. dehydration, medications that • The pain is usually cause sudden onset, very hyperuricemia (high severe nausea and uric acid) and a
  6. 6. Polycystic kidneys • Formation of multiple • Polycystic kidney cysts within the disease can also cause kidney tissue cysts in the liver and • Normally results in problems in other destruction of normal organs, such as blood kidney tissue and vessels in the brain uremia and heart. • There are two types of this disease, a • In the United States, dominant and a about 600,000 people recessive form. have PKD.
  7. 7. Thanks for viewing =) p.s. I hope you all enjoyed the fireworks!