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Lucene : More than meets the eye

The technology that powers Apple, Disney, Goldman Sachs, Netflix, AOL, eHarmony, Zappos, SourceForge, JSTOR, Sears, and many more is free. Rahul will review a few use cases for "information retrieval" that can transform how organizations work together to gather , analyze, and access information. Information retrieval technologies can make relevant knowledge and information accessible to those in the front lines of an enterprise. It has the potential to transform organizations from being statically and bureaucratically managed to acting more agile and nimble through knowledge distribution. Lucene can be used as a force multiplier for knowledge warehousing, analysis, and access. He'll close with the major differences between Lucene and Lucene powered software such as Solr, Elastisearch, TITAN, and RavenDB

Rahul Singh - is a Founding Partner and CEO at Anant Corporations, that helps organizations solve problems with their unstructured information - content and knowledge - in the context of their Enterprise Architecture.

Over the last 15 years Rahul has grown and exited from a hosting company, started and exited from a software practice, and consulted independently and through other firms for companies such as ATT, Merrill Lynch, Aetna, Accenture, USPS, and Feeding America to design, build and scale business critical software and systems.

Over the last few years, Rahul has been working on a book : "The Modern Enterprise : Business of Business Today" where he's interviewed 15 firms that primarily operate their organizations using a concert of online software and cloud infrastructures.

While he consults for his firm's clients, he is working on a knowledge and relationship search product that uses a new approach to rank knowledge to minimize information retrieval and routing needs within education and across the modern enterprise.

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Lucene - Enterprise Knowledge & Relationship Search

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