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Leadership & Management - Knowledge


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The modern enterprise breathes knowledge, drinks knowledge, eats knowledge. It cannot escape it. Today's team leaders must learn to swim in information and build rafts of knowledge, otherwise their teams will sink. This presentation is about how to use Getting Things Done (GTD) methodology to managing knowledge within an organization or team.

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Leadership & Management - Knowledge

  1. 1. Anant Corporation Anant Corporation Leadership & Management : Knowledge Rahul Singh, CEO of Anant
  2. 2. Anant Corporation • Collection Messages/Chat/Email • Processing What/Who/Why • Organization Where/What Purpose • Review Cleaning House • Do/Delegate What More? Agenda
  3. 3. Anant Corporation • Collection Messages Email Book Audio Book EBook Social Media Newsletter Knowledge: Collection
  4. 4. Anant Corporation • Processing What is it? Who is it useful for? Why should we keep it? Why should we send it to our clients? Why should we broadcast it? Knowledge: Processing
  5. 5. Anant Corporation • Organization Drive: Is it something that is “living” DropBox: Is it a file that we may use later? Pocket/Leaves: Is it a link that will be useful later? KB: Is it worthy of a KB? Knowledge: Organizing
  6. 6. Anant Corporation • Review Weekly? Monthly? Quarterly? Should we republish? Should we update? Should we trash? Knowledge: Review
  7. 7. Anant Corporation • Do/Delegate What More? Something else we need to learn? Should we create knowledge? Should we curate it? Should we buy it? Should we hire it? Knowledge: Do/Delegate
  8. 8. Anant Corporation Knowledge Knowledge Guides & Resources Blogs, Links, KB Assets & Documents Files & Code Structured Information Org, Client, Project DriveDeltaNutshellLeavesKBWPSourceDriveDB/OC
  9. 9. Anant Corporation Knowledge Knowledge Project Information Client Service Information Corporate Guides Collaborative Documents Assets & Files Corporate Resources Appleseed Framework (Portal, Base, Search) G Drive Delta DropBox G Drive Delta Nutshell Dropbox Freshbooks G Drive G Sites (KB) G Drive Workflowy Evernote G Drive DropBox OwnCloud Pocket Leaves AIC (WP) Anant (WP)
  10. 10. Anant Corporation Knowledge • Strategic / Tactical • Strategic knowledge helps us execute on the Corporate Strategic Goals (Phoenix) • Tactical knowledge helps us execute on our daily, weekly, project, client tasks. • Internal / External • Internal knowledge is what is pertinent to our company. • External knowledge is what is pertinent to our clients, market, industry, and sector. • Explicit / Meta • Explicit knowledge means that it is what it is. • Meta knowledge may be a blog or kb entry about a concept, a book that we’re writing.
  11. 11. Anant Corporation PhoenixSites Practice Clients Responsibility Appleseed Framework (Portal, Base, Search) Resources Knowledge People Information Aggregate Curate OrganizeCreate RelationshipsKnowledge SitesFiles SaaS Social
  12. 12. Anant Corporation Distractions
  13. 13. Anant Corporation Next Actions Archive old knowledge Add Connectors to Appleseed Refactor / reorganize existing knowledge Organize the company’s knowledge Synchronize systems by Responsibility Area
  14. 14. Anant Corporation Feedback: Anant Corporation • What Worked? Why? • Did something resonate with you? • Why did it make sense? Is this something we should continue doing? • What Didn’t Work? Why? • Did something not make sense? • Why did you think it didn’t work? What specifically? • What to Improve? How? • Whether to improve something that didn’t work, or enhance something that did, what can we improve? • How can we move forward? Do you have any ideas?