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Devotees of Nirmal Baba ji...

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Nirmal Baba Ji

  1. 1. What devotees have to say…
  2. 2. I am the devotee of the Nirmal Baba ji ,as I have seen that false news has been forwarded against them, its very sad and disappointing as being devotee its hurting the feelings. If the experience are required I would like to say that with the grace of Nirmal Baba ji we are very happy,job,mental peace is there. If the one does not like the programsthen he/she must not see the channel or program he/she must not play with "astha" of other devotees. Its very Bad thing happening in our country and I will request you to please stop this false advt. against baba ji ,its hurting us a lot. - Priyank Upadhyaya
  3. 3. I am a follower of Nirmal Baba Ji from past 7 months. My wife used to watch his programs on regular basis, shortly even I started viewing his programs on TV. To be honest, there was lot of changes & comfort level in our day to day life after getting in touch with Baba Ji. I can share 2 instances which I feel was very important for me.I have a working experience of over 12 years now. All my Career I used to travel long distances to my office. Latest being 100 KMS travelling up & down. With the grace of Baba Ji my travelling is reduced to just 2 KMS up & down. Me and my family have had great darshan of Sri Shiridi Sai BABA and LORD Balaji in Tirupiti by grace of Baba Ji. Request you to kindly start the telecast of his samagam on daily basis. -Vijaya Kumar
  4. 4. I have been devotee to Darbar by last 7 years and benefited several times and watching Nirmal Darbars Program regularly on TV for several years. Now by doing negative propaganda against Darbar andgetting it off religious sentiments of lot of darbars devotees have been hurt. - Neeraj Tyagi
  5. 5. For obvious, as i am an ordinary person of India, my voice would not be much louder. I would like to tell something about Nirmal darbar which every devotee knows very well; such as---> Nirmal babaji, tells his devotees to go to temple on monthly basis and offer Rs.50 or 500 s in the main "GOLUK".--> Offering JAL to suryadev twice in a month.--> Offering JAL and DUDH on shivling in a gap of 15 days.--> Respecting all religions.--> He made the devotees felt the presence of GOD (actual shakti).--> Be away from black magic and tantrik acts.--> Daily prayer should be simple and sincere.--> Keep away from planetary remedies.--> Keep away from superstition and blind faith.--> Truth and honesty should be the major act.--> Caring animals and plants (environment).--> And the major point comes to DASWAND, this word is not new at all, as this is an age old practice. News channels and the countrys major astrologist and such related persons are having a stomach ache due to high fund arising at Nirmal darbar.Please do note this, that DASWAND is an act performed when your task is full filled. I think the above points are sufficient. If a person is developing or rising mental faith and making India religious rapidly, he should not be stopped at all. AND MAJORLY, IF THE MAJORITY WANTS TO BE A DEVOTEE OF NIRMAL BABAJI, NO ONE IN THIS WORLD CAN STOP. Lakhs of people are not blind or mentally sick, for obvious if they have been benefited from Nirmal darbar than only people would stay and send daswand. - Prateek Khandelwal
  6. 6. My mother, father and myself many times experienced chamatkaars.Though we never used believe in astrologers and all, but some positive experiences made us to believe him.Other pandits and astrologers are obvious to oppose him, because his solutions are too simple without any expenditure. He never forces anybody to deposit. People deposit offerings only after they experience some benefit or chamatkaars in their life. I think the opposition is because he suggests only pooja of God and discourages people from going to Astrologers. I am hundred percent sure that if you believe and just recall his name when u r in some trouble, u will also definitely experience the worth. - Dr. Charu Pathak Sharma
  7. 7. My family and I are devotees of Nirmal Babaji since 2007 and we have greatly benefitted physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually by following the basic principles of life. Babaji has pointed out many mistakes committed bymyself and my family members which dates back a couple of years before. Evena mistake committed by me when I visited a Holy place was pointed out to me by Babaji. The same applies to millions of other devotees of Nirmal Babaji. This is conveyed by Babaji through the Divine powers he possesses. Babaji’s precepts are practical, even the smallest things matter in an individual’s life, which the media and some vested interests have portrayed negatively. By attending the Samagams and watching the programmes that were being telecast on various TV channels, millions of people have come onto the rightpath and are leading a decent and disciplined life. Babaji always states that the benefits and positive changes one sees in their life is purely the Blessings ofGod achieved by one adopting the right principles in their daily life. Babaji has never claimed to be doing magic for people as claimed by a section of the people but instead it is the blessings of the Holy Powers. There is nodiscrimination between the rich and the poor and Babaji treats all equally with due respect. - Jivraj Prabhu
  8. 8. We wonder whether the decision makers who were instrumental inhaving the programmes of Nirmal Babaji off air, have sincerely watched the episodes and analysed whether this would be beneficial or detrimental to the common man. It is quite clear they have wiltedunder pressure. Millions of people/devotees have expressed and shared their experiences which is a proof of Babaji’s divinity and how immensely Babaji’s programmes and teachings have had a positiveimpact on their lives. But this is not accepted by certain vested interests like the Tantriks, Astrologers etc who lack these gifts which is God given. The media and a section of ignorant people have concluded that the programme is spreading superstition whereas Babaji has brought people out of superstition. - Jivraj Prabhu
  9. 9. Babaji hum logo ko sahi rasta dikha rahe hai.wo hum logo acche karm karne ko kahate hai.ISliye aap log unko badnam nahi kare please.hum log unko DASWANDapne man se dete hai.BABAJI ne kabhi DASWAND ke bare me bola bhi nahi.AAj uni ki KRIPA se hum logo ko sahi disha mila hai .BABAJI ko mera KOTI KOTI PRANAM. -Rajeev Ranjan
  10. 10. We would like to share our experience with you that we were suffering from super natural power since six years and after joining with Baba ji through television, we got a lot of relief from all those problems. - Rajiv Sinha