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Facts about nirmal baba_22nd 2012


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Facts about Nirmal Baba

  • I totally agree with these facts as Nirmal Baba is a Godmen who has always taught his followers to help other and believe in God. He is against any superstition.
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Facts about nirmal baba_22nd 2012

  1. 1. Allegation: Nirmal Baba has illegal moneyFact: Nirmal Baba has legal money which is voluntarily given by devotees. Nirmal Baba has paid the regular taxes, which is documented.
  2. 2. Allegation: Nirmal Baba gives solutions to devotees such as eating “golgappa”, “chutney”, “samosa”, et c.Fact: Nirmal Baba tells one to eat these as food and distribute among the poor, he guides everyone to stay away from “upaya”. Sometimes what a person has eaten is pointed out to show that powers are watching on at all times.
  3. 3. Allegation: Nirmal Baba treats people’s problems with “samosa”, “golgappa”, “chutney”Fact: Nirmal Baba always tells people to consult a Doctor for medical help and not to take remedies without consulting with a Doctor first.
  4. 4. Allegation: Nirmal Baba told an individual to eat “kheer” for an entire month and later asked the person to come back to the “samagam” and say that he got well with Baba’s helpFact: Nirmal Baba never asks a person to eat something for a month, he only tells a person to eat it once and distribute it to the poor. He has also not held personal appointments since over the past one year. Since Baba has crores of devotees, he does not need to ask a person to come and give a false testimonial.
  5. 5. Allegation: Nirmal Baba spreads superstitionFact: Nirmal Baba guides one to stay away from superstition & “tantra mantra”, and guides one to do sincere prayers to whichever deity they want to offer their prayers to.
  6. 6. Allegation: Nirmal Baba does “chamatkaars” (miracles)Fact: Nirmal Baba does not do miracles, but only provides positive guidelines for someone to follow. When this works for an individual, it is by the blessings of the higher power.
  7. 7. Allegation: The devotees who give their experiences in the testimonials, have been fixedFact: Thousands of devotees attend the “samagams” and most of them have never even met Nirmal Baba & follow him on television. These devotees who share their experiences come on their own choice and are not picked from the audience.
  8. 8. Allegation: Nirmal Baba left without paying rentFact: Nirmal Baba was in fact at the time in Delhi itself when these allegations were made
  9. 9. Allegation: Nirmal Baba asks devotes to make donations in the form of “daswand” which might guarantee a presence of “kripa”Fact: Nirmal Baba advises “daswand” to be offered to wherever one feels comfortable and it is purely voluntary. It is no way implied that the voluntary donation should be made to Nirmal Darbaar.
  10. 10. Allegation: Nirmal Baba should not charge money for the “samagams”Fact: The “samagams” that are held by Nirmal Baba entail bookings, hall charges, security charges, logistics, and hence there is also a booking charges for attending the “samagam”.
  11. 11. Allegation: Nirmal Baba should not air his “samagams” on televisionFact: The shows on television are the fastest way of reaching out to the vast number of devotees all around the country and even the world. For destitute people who can come to or cannot afford to attend the “samagams”, this is the best way to reach out to them.
  12. 12. Allegation: Nirmal Baba does magicFact: Nirmal Baba does not do magic, neither does he claim to do so. He advises people to stay away from concepts of magic, superstitions & “tantra mantra”.