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Ppt on angel

  1. 1. RiskManagement &SurveillanceDpDemat BankingDealingDispatch &ContractNotesKYCAccountsMembershipManagementQAIT KYCMarketing&SalesAdvisoryBrandingResearchPERSONALIZEDSERVICELegal &CompliancePRESENTATION ON ANGEL BROKINGPRESENTED BY : PRESENTED TO:RAHUL SINGLA Dr. KIRAN MEHTACUN120550069 (MENTOR)1
  2. 2. CONTENT• Company Introduction• Achievements• Five Pillars• Membership & Distribution Model• USP’s of Angel• Awards & Recognition• Specialized Products & Value Added Services• Projects Undertaken Budget Report Analysis of different sectors Survey on different broking firms Feedback from clients Frequency of TradingAngel Broking Ltd 2
  3. 3. Angel Broking – A JOURNEY IN TIME MR DINESH THAKKAR, CHAIRMAN & MANAGINGDIRECTOR, ANGEL GROUP, Started this Journey as a SUB-BROKER in 1987 With 3 Employees and 25 Clients.Our MottoTo have complete harmonybetween quality-in-processand continuous improvementto deliver exceptional service that will delight our Customers andClients.The Journey continues……….Angel Broking Ltd 3
  4. 4. Angel Broking Ltd 4THE MOST TRUSTED RETAIL CENTRIC BROKERAGE HOUSE WITHSERVICE TRULY PERSONALIZED1sttoconcentrateon onretail-centricresearch…….witha focus onsmall &mid-capsegments1st toadopt theBranchconcept .... so that itcouldofferpersonalizedservices toall retailclientsacrossIndia1st tolaunch theweb-enabledBackofficesoftware ... so thatcustomerscan tracktheir stockholdings24x7Highestnumber ofregisteredsub-brokers onNSEAwardedthe MajorVolumeDrivertrophy bythe BSEfor 5 years- 2004-05,2005-06,2006-07,2007-08 &2008-09.Awardedas BestRetailBrokingHouse andBrokingHousewith theLargestDistribution Networkat D&BEquityBrokingAwards2009
  5. 5. Five PillarsAngel Broking Ltd 5
  6. 6. Angel Broking Ltd 6
  8. 8. Angel Broking Ltd 8Our MembershipsAngel Group Memberships:BSE- Cash and F&ONSE- Cash and F&ONCDEX & MCX – Commodities & CurrencyFuturesAngel has the largest no. of sub-brokers registeredon NSEAngel has the largest volume on BSEAngel has the highest number of Trading Terminals.
  9. 9. Angel Broking Ltd 9Our Distribution Model:Hub & SpokeROCSO ROROROBranchesClientsClientsClientsSBBranches ClientsClientsClients
  10. 10. Angel Broking Ltd10Our Business
  11. 11. Angel Broking Ltd 11USP’s of Angel E-broking Multiple exchanges on a single screen- BSE,NSE, NSE - F&O, MCX& NCDEX Hot keys similar to broker’s terminal Products / Software / Back office training for all E-Broking Clients In-depth research & technical charts, Intra-day calls 24x7 Back-office Viewing Ledger, Bills, Contracts, Sauda Summary, Open position,Holdings, DP Transactions, Auction Details Auto pay-in of shares & Online Securities Pay-out Instant transfer of funds & Online Funds pay-out request Highly secure & confidential
  12. 12. THE MOST TRUSTED RETAIL CENTRIC BROKERAGE HOUSE WITHSERVICE TRULY PERSONALIZEDAwarded the coveted Major Volume Driver‘trophy by the BSE for 6 years2004-052005-062006-072007-082008-092009-10Awards & RecognitionAngel Broking Ltd 12
  13. 13. Broker with Best Commodity Research ofthe Year(Angel Commodities Broking Pvt. Ltd.)Best Contribution in Investor Education &Category Enhancement of the Year(Angel Broking Ltd.)Bloomberg UTV Financial Leadership Awards 2011Angel Broking Ltd 13
  14. 14. Zee Business FinancialMarket ConclaveAward 2010 Special Contribution Best Sector Analyst Best Technical AnalystZee Business Financial Market Conclave Award 2010 | 2011 Best Sector AnalystZee Business FinancialMarket Conclave Award2011Angel Broking Ltd 14
  15. 15. Margin Funding Facility to allow clients to take higherexposure Instant Liquidity for Clients Margin is deposited in Cash as well as ChequePre-Paid Brokerage Zero Account Opening Charges Attractive Brokerage Rates Free AMC for 1 year Assured gifts worth thousands with every account Easy & Fast RechargeSpecialized ProductsAngel Broking Ltd 15
  16. 16. M-Connect Service Market News/Analysis &Expert Views 24X7 Stock Updates & MarketStatistics Real time Equity, F&O,Commodities and MF rates on asingle screen Back-office Data i.e. Ledger,Open Positions, Holdings, PMSValue Added ServicesAngel Broking Ltd 16
  17. 17. SWOT Analysis17SWOT ANALYSIS
  18. 18. SWOT Analysis 18STRENGTH:Experience player in marketBrand ImageCustomer OrientationWell maintained infrastructure Known for transparent functioning Large retail customer products Best research & reportsWEAKNESS:Software problem Less penetration in rural areas
  19. 19. SWOT Anaylsis 19OPPORTUNITIES:Growing Rural Market Emerging new technologyTHREATS:Entry of Foreign FirmsDecrease the rates of brokerage by competitors Less awareness of technology (Computers)
  20. 20. Projects 20Projects Undertaken During Internship Period1) Highlights Of Budget 2013-2014 (28Feb)2) Analysis of different sectors3) Survey on different broking houses4) Feedback from clients5) Currency Derivatives6) Frequency of Trading among people
  21. 21. Budget 2013-2014 211. Highlights of BUDGET 2013-2014*No change in income tax slabs*Relief of Rs 2,000 for tax payers in tax bracket ofRs 2-5 lakh*10 pc surcharge on persons with taxable income ofover Rs 1 crore*Tobacco products, SUVs and mobile phones tocost more*Income limit under Rajiv Gandhi Equity SavingsScheme raised to 12 lakh from Rs 10 lakh
  22. 22. Budget 2013-2014 22*New taxes to collect Rs 18,000 crore forgovernment*Commodity transaction tax of 0.01 per cent*Duty free limit of gold import increased to Rs50,000 for male passengers and Rs 1 lakh for femalepassengers*Indias first womens bank to be set up by October*Securities Transaction Tax brought down to 0.01 percent
  23. 23. Analysis of Different Sectors 232. Analysis of different sectorsMajor sectors that are being studied for the purpose of analysis areas follows – Auto sector Cement sector Construction sector Banking sector FMCG sector IT sector Media sector Metals and Mining sector Oil and Gas sector Pharmaceutical sector Healthcare sector Power sector Real Estate sector Telecom sector
  24. 24. Analysis of Different Sectors 24Recommended sectors with analysis andcomparisonIn my view following are the sectors which are and will begrowing and must be taken into consideration for investmentpurposes.A comparison is also being made with the peer sectors for abetter and overall view.Recommended sectors in preferential order –1. FMCG sector2. Banking sector3. Auto sector4. Information Technology sector
  25. 25. Analysis of Different Sectors 25Sector YTD 1 year 2yearsFMCG 40.14% 34.70% 60.50%Banking 50.04% 17.60% 11.20%Auto 33.02% 10% 23.70%IT 22.73% 14.20% 12.60%YTD (year-to-date) – Return so far for this year, beginningJanuary 1 until today’s date.
  26. 26. Analysis of Different Sectors 26Sectoral closing values on 12-03-2013 S & P BSE FMCG – 5655.10o 52 week high – 6176o 52 week low – 4143 S & P BSE Bank – 13733.93o 52 week high – 14865o 52 week low – 10386 S & P BSE Auto – 10832.79o 52 week high – 11868o 52 week low – 8542 S & P BSE IT – 7059o 52 week high – 7069o 52 week low – 5134
  27. 27. Analysis of Different Sectors 27ConclusionSince there is a negative correlation betweenInformation Technology sector and the otherthree sectors, thus one must look for a goodcomposition of IT sector stocks along with thestocks of other sectors.This will make one’s portfolio a bit morestable even in crisis like conditions.
  28. 28. Survey on Broking Firms 283. Survey on Broking HousesObjectivesTo know the customers preference indifferent sector of investment and toknow what are the factors considermost important in order to choosetheir broking firm.To know the different companiesActivation and Other charges.
  29. 29. Survey on Broking Firms 29Different Players in the Industry
  30. 30. Survey on Broking Firms 30FindingsAccording to the data that have been collected all the brokinghouses give their best services to clients .Survey shows that the nearly 79% people prefer the online tradingrather than offline trading through broker.People like to invest more in equity rather than other investmentsectors.The best preferred broking firm among the people is Angel brokingltd than other broking firms.Friends, News paper and Internet are the most preferred mode forawareness of the broking firms and share trading.
  31. 31. Feedback from Clients 314. Feedback from Clients Clients not doing trading from last 6 or more months Purely feedback on calls ( Telephonic Survey) Sample size was 500 clients Given Ludhiana region Completed the survey in 5 days doing 100 calls each day Very unsatisfied got from clients
  32. 32. Frequency Of Trading 325. Frequency of Trading ( Primary Data)OBJECTIVE:The objective is to know the frequency of investors to tradein stock market. Sample Size 150 Males – 106 Females – 44
  33. 33. Frequency Of Trading 33Demat A/c
  34. 34. Frequency Of Trading 34When Demat A/c was Opened
  35. 35. Frequency Of Trading 35What are you?????
  36. 36. Frequency Of Trading 36Where Investment is done (Stock Market)
  37. 37. Frequency Of Trading 37Frequency of Trading
  38. 38. Frequency Of Trading 38Company
  39. 39. Frequency Of Trading 39Reason for low frequency
  40. 40. Recommendation 40Recommendations Services should be improve by broking houses Priority should be given to clients Proper installation of PC & Mobile Software Should call client twice a day for marketupdation Should provide software training to their clients Should give required Research reports to clients
  41. 41. Conclusion 41ConclusionInvestment is made in physical form of gold Poor Services from broking houses No market updation is given Not giving proper reports Lack of knowledge Investment made for long term period (FD)
  42. 42. END 42THANK YOU