Mail form SAP CRM


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Mail form SAP CRM

  1. 1. MAIL FORM (MARKETING)MAIL FORM: It is used to design a Mail Content for theCampaign to be executed through email.Maintain a mailform which should trigger mail conditionally for salaryslabs taking in account the gender.PROCESSSTEP 1: MAINTAIN ATTRIBUTE CONTEXT FORM FOR MAILFORM(Always optional & Conditional)STEP 2: MAINTAIN/DEFINE MAIL FORMSTEP 1: Maintain Attribute Context Form for Mail FormPATH : SPRO >> IMG>> CRM>> MARKETING>> MARKETINGPLANNING & CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENT>> PERSONALISEDMAIL>> MAINTAIN ATTRIBUTE CONTEXT FOR MAIL FORMF5/New EntryIn the field Attribute Context provide IDIn the field Description give DescriptionIn the field Mkt Attribute select selective Mkt Attribute SetEnterNow select the newly created entry and double click on marketingattribute setClick on New EntryIn the field attribute set press F4 and select your Attribute SetZTG1_MKT_VINEETEnter >> Save>> ExitSTEP 2: Mantain/Define Mail Form
  2. 2. T.CODE : CRMD_EMAILClick on create buttonIn the field Mail Form provide ID ZMAILFORM_VINEETIn the field customer senerio select your Attribute ContextZMKT_CONTEXT_VINEETContinueIn the field Description provide descriptionVINEET MAILFORM FOR MKT MAILIn the field Text type select plain text from drop downIn the pop up window click YesIn the left hand pane right click on main windowSelect create and then TextIn the field Text provide ID ZTEXT_VINEETDescription PLAIN TEXT OF MAIL FORM VINEETIn the left hand pane open the folder Business Partner.Partner Dear and Substitution a)First Name Middle Name b)Last Name Standard Address c)Postal Code & Country Keys Hi I am Vineet Joshi Your Service Provider. From Vineet Joshi
  3. 3. BP.... + In the lower pane insert new row. .......+ In the field attribute press F4 select your attribute YTGI_MKT_VINEET In the field value F4 and select 20-25 years Assign right click on the main window option in left hand pane and repeat the same for another page in the same Mail Form for Age Group 20-25 years Note: When context is not able to come on one page then repeat the step from the main window Enter Save Exit TESTING Click on Channel Text Icon (F8) In the field recepients Email id give Email id In the field senders email.Press F4 & select your mail id
  4. 4. Select your Mail Id Select the Check Box check conditions channelO Printer Main PrinterO Receoients Email ID. Add Text Enters Process Sender s MailTest Procedure Check CancellationCampaignCampaign ElementO Test with Business Partner B.PIn the Field B.P under Radio Button Test with B.P press F4 &provide ID
  5. 5. Click Send.Campaign ElementTest with Business PartnerBP 700401In the field B.P under Radio Button Test with B.P press F4 andprovide IDClick Send