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Project management


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Project management

  1. 1. International Projects Submitted by : RAHUL RANJAN MBA-II (OPERATIONS)
  2. 2. Issues in International Projects • Understanding and cementing out the project scope (SOW) • Implementing a disciplined approach to engineering (from the conceptual stage to detailed engineering) • Arriving at various levels of cost estimates with the progress of the project execution:
  3. 3. Issues in International Projects… • Selecting and managing the subcontractors • Understanding the in-country rules, regulations and requirements • Language • Environmental, Safety and Health (ES&H) issues
  4. 4. Selection & Training Of Employees • Candidate identification, assessment, and selection. • Cost projections. • Assignment letters. • Compensation, benefits, and tax programs. • Relocation assistance. • Family support.
  5. 5. Cross-cultural Consideration • Power distance • Uncertainty avoidance • Individualism, versus its opposite, collectivism, • Masculinity versus its opposite, femininity • Long-term versus short-term orientation
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