Best Practices in for Auto Industry Websites


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Best practice analysis of automotive company websites.

Analysis by Rahul Nambiar


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Best Practices in for Auto Industry Websites

  1. 1. AUTO INDUSTRY WEBSITE PRACTICE RESEARCH Rahul Nambiar, Class of 2010 Master in Digital Marketing, IE Business School
  2. 2. Table of Contents Overview  Typical Content Structure for Automobile  Industry Marketing  Sales and After Sales  Fleet  Public Relations   Social Web and Online PR
  3. 3. Overview To conduct a best practice research of  automobile industry websites To provide insights on the ideal content  structure on the web and Social Web integration
  4. 4. Broad Content Structure Sales and Public Company Marketing Fleets After Sales Relations Information Social Web
  5. 5. Marketing – Content Structure General Lead Tools Information Generation Product Listing Build/Customize Vehicle Request Quote Feature Specification Compare Vehicles Pricing Information Test Drive Brochure Downloads Customer Engagement Games Search Dealer Search Newsletter Registration Special Offers
  6. 6. Sample Review- Innovative Customer Engagement Tools Superb Listing of Products And Pricing Customer Engagement Tool – Fuel Calculator. Linked with Call toTool, Comparison Action Linked with Call to Action
  7. 7. – Build your Vehicle Another Comparison Tool Another Example of Call to action
  8. 8. –Customer Engagement Game Lead Capture Customer Engagement Game is one of the best ways to promote/Educate on the features Specifications of a vehicle, especially when the target segment is the youth in the 18-25 c
  9. 9. Marketing - Recommendations A superb way to list the products and easy navigation to find  Product Specs Search Functionality to easily find the Vehicle  Comparison of models  Customer Review/Ratings Module for Models for generating User  Generated Content through Forums Fan Club  Need to have good customer engagement tools. Some e.g.  Fuel Efficiency  Games  Build your Vehicle  Adding Call to action at all the touch points  Sharing of Content to the social web(Especially after a Building your  Vehicle etc.), This was not seen in any of the leading websites. Best practice would be to share in popular social networking sites Email Newsletters to promote new launch- Registration 
  10. 10. Sales and After Sales Customer Tools Finance Service Personalized, Maintenance and Warranty Calendar Service Locators Loans Request Management Accessories Management Customer Testimonials How to fix tools for Online Payment and Billing Maintenance Customer Rewards Program Online Inventory Search Vehicle Loan Calculation Virtual Finance Management Tools Complaint Management System
  11. 11. Rewards Program Customer Testimonials Owners Manual
  12. 12. Inventory, Booking and Bill Payment Online Payment Inventory Search with Location
  13. 13. Sales and After Sales - Recommendations Online Service System to fulfill all service level request from  booking of service to tracking status to fulfillment of service Registration of Vehicle  Tools to help self service and maintenance of vehicle(for e.g. How  to fix a flat in 10 minutes etc.) Finance and Number Crunching Calculators  Service Centre Locator Tools(Completely integrated with Maps will be  great) Online Finance Section for loan request management  Feedback/Complaint Management  In the Website, Live Chat to resolve problems and booking ticket  number System to maintain Dealer quality and Maintenance  Personalized Maintenance Calendar  Integrate Email Newsletters for registered customers on the new  accesories
  14. 14. Fleet : Research Auto car makers’ sites – fleet section Product Details Services Financing Fleet benefit/Contact us
  15. 15. Key Features across Fleet section Interactive showroom to display your products with a lot of small functionality like  Product Sort  Product Comparison  Next Steps  Vehicle Links and Tool & Reference  Product Life Cost Calculator  Fleet Service Tool box  Payment Estimator  Fleet Demo & Guide  Fleet Dock 
  16. 16. References across Fleet section of auto car makers’ sites Fleet Steps &Cost Calculator Next Demo Tool box & Fleet Service Guide Fleet Dock PaymentComparisons Vehicle Sort ProductLinks and Tool Estimator Life Reference
  17. 17. Public Relations Website Related Online PR Listening to Online News/ Events conversation using Tools Management of Online Archival of news Groups/Community Sharing of News, RSS Blog Commenting Feeds Blog Fan Club Management
  18. 18. Some Best Practices Events and Registrations Connect up with Popular Motor Blogs FAQ Management
  19. 19. Follow Online Conversations Tracking Online Referen Throughout Reply from @mazda6 to the enquiry or complaint and Link them up to the website
  20. 20. Online Community Management Management of FAN clubs in  Facebook, MySpace, Orkut etc. Following conversation using Tools like  Radian6 Managing Customer Complaints through  Monitoring Introducing moles on the web for positive  commenting in auto review blogs Building of an Online Community for the  Company
  21. 21. – Example
  22. 22. Designing an Online Community- References Online Community Managers – Post by Chris  Brogan managing-a-community/ Building Online Communities – Jason Falls  6/building-on-line-community-starts-off-line/ Growing an Online Community – Lee Odden  growing-an-online-community/
  23. 23. Research References Popular Automobile Website           
  24. 24. Research References Online Community and PR       
  25. 25. Contact Me Rahul Nambiar Email: Blog: Twitter: