Hitler my own story


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Hitler my own story

  1. 1. HITLER – MY OWN STORYBANG!!BANG!!!BANG!!!!Hitler was suddenly awake. He didn’t know what was happed but he was brave enough to come out ofhis bunker.Well. You may not know that this was the beginning of the World War II. Yes, the World War II.It hadstarted.But Hitler was an ambitious man. In spite of his defeat in the World War I he called his army general andsaid “Find out was were these rascals who dare to attack Germany. I want it soon and if something issuspicious send our troops. C’mon fast. Back to work.” In is harsh voice. He fear of defeat again could beseen in his eyes.Next he called his propaganda minister Gobbles and said “Listen, Go live on radio right now and informthe Nazi’s of what have happened just now. A bomb has just felt on my bunker. Tell them to pack theirbags and start leaving the area we tell them to leave if they want themselves alive.”He might havebecome old but there was still harshness in his voice. He still loved the Nazis and hated Jews.Hitler moved to his cupboard and opened the drawer. He took a .45 Colt and put it on the table. Hewanted to ready for every moment. Just then……………..BOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!BOOOOOOOOOOOM………….He looked out of a small hole. It was a Grenade. Now he started moving his hands even faster. Hedressed in his army dress and kept his .45 Colt in is gun case.Just then, his telephone started ringing. He picked up the phone “Yes, Gobbles ……”“Sir, how do you know that I am there on this side?”“You are very loyal to me and you try to do my work as soon as possible. OK. Now keep all that aside.Have you done what have I told you?”“Yes sir. People have started moving to the stations. Sir, the stations have started overflowing. Whatshould I do?”“Check people’s community card. If they have not passed the racial test then arrest them. They might beJEWS!! I don’t want them to occupy the seats of the Nazi’s because the Jews don’t deserve it. Take themout!”“OK Sir, As you wish.”
  2. 2. Next, It was the call from Hitler’s Army General “Sir, it was a Russian Jet Plane with Ultrasonic Speed. Itis invisible to the radar. Our fighter jets are nowhere as compared to these jets.”“No Problem, We’ll handle them properly. You don’t worry and just concentrate on your work. That ismore important. Send me a jeep or any transport me to the Army Camp.”“O.K Sir”“Fast”Then the General hung up.After some time the jeep arrives and Hitler climbs in. General was also there. He started talking.“Sir, Should we send another troop there with our Primary weapons.”“What are you waiting for? I WANT TO WIN THIS WAR ANYHOW. You get it.”“Yes Sir”After some time they both reached the Camp. A bomb fell on their jeep!Hitler was safe but his Army General could not be found anywhere. Hitler was shocked and also in painbecause his leg was burnt ant broken in the bomb.Gobbles saw him and dragged him into the Berlin Bunker.Hitler asked, “What is wrong with the 1st and the 2nd troop. Why are they not opening fire upon the theAllies?”Gobbles looked down.“What? Answer me?”“Sir, we are out of weapons.”“Ask for them from Japan or Italy”“Sir, Italy surrendered to the Allies and the support from Japan is uncertain. A bomb just dropped onHiroshima & Nagasaki.”“What?”KNOCK! KNOCK! KNOCK!“Sir! They are the Allies!”Who would have thought that the Great Adolf Hitler would die this way?
  3. 3. KNOCK! KNOCK!“Break the door if they don’t open it!”A voice came from outside.Hitler said, “Long Live Germany! Long Live Germany!”“Open the gate fast! I want him alive!!” U.S General said from outside.But it was too late!Hitler took out his Colt .45 and shot himself in his mouth!After that Gobbles also met the same fate.“May no more Hitler’s are born in the world who lead the world to such sufferings.”