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9 his 22.7.11


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9 his 22.7.11

  1. 1. Lijin Golden
  2. 2.  The Nazis were compelled the farmers to belong to Hitler- why? (or) To write a short note on National Socialism Put forward by Nazis (or) The Nazis were against Capitalism and Marxism- why?
  3. 3.  The Nazis warned the farmers of Germany that you are standing in between two great dangerous One is the danger of American Economic System- Big Capitalism. The other is the Marxist economic system of Bolshevism The Big capitalism and Marxism work hand in hand ; they are born of Jewish thought and serve the master plan of world jewery. So the Nazis propagated that only the National Socialism can rescue from this dangerous.
  4. 4.  Briefly describe the approach of common people towards the Nazis (or) The reaction of common people towards Nazim (or) In Germany had many organised resistance against Nazism- Discuss
  5. 5.  Many people saw the World through the Nazi eyes and spoke their mind in Nazi language. The felt hatred and anger those who looked like Jews. They marked the house of Jews and reported suspicious neighbours. They genuinely believed Nazism would bring prosperity and improve general well-being. But not every German was not Nazi. Many organised active resistance to Nazism, braving police repression and death. The large majority of Germans, however were passive and apathetic witness. They were too scared to act, differ, to protest. Pastor Niemoeller- a resistance fighter and he write about this silence……………………
  6. 6.  First they came for the communist well, I was not a communist So I said Nothing. Then they came for the socialist well, I was not a socialist. So I said nothing Then they came for the trade Unionist But I was not a trade unionist And then they came for the Jews But I was not a Jew- so I did little Then when they came for me There was no one left who could stand up for me
  7. 7.  To write a short note on Charlotte Beradt and her book- Third Reich of Dream The Jewish people feared their dreams- Examin She secretly recorded people’s dream in her diary and later published a book called Third Reich of Dream. In this book she describing the Jews themselves believed Nazi stereotypes about them. They dreamt of their hooked noses, black hair and eyes, Jewish looks and body movts. The images publicised in the Nazi press haunted the Jews They troubled them even in their dreams. The Jews many deaths even before they reached the gas chambers.
  8. 8. Holocaust The information about Nazi practices had trickled out of Germany during the last years of the war. Germany defeated the world war and realised the horrors of what had happened. The Germans preoccupied with their own plight. The Jews wanted the world to remember the atrocities and sufferings they had endured the during Nazi killing operations- called Holocaust. The spirit to bear witness and to preserve the document can be seen in many ghettos and camp inhabitants who wrote diaries, kept note books and created archives
  9. 9.  On the other hand when the war seemed to lost, Nazi leadership distributed petrol to its functionaries to destroy all incriminating evidences available in offices. The history and memory of the Holocaust live on in our memoirs(short life history of a person), fictions, documentaries, poetry, memorials and museums in many parts of world today. (plz seen the pictures page No. 72)