9 (his) 21.1.11


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9 (his) 21.1.11

  1. 1. November criminals The supporters of the Weimar Republic were Socialists, Catholics and Democrats became very easy target to attack the conservative nationalist circle. They were mockingly called November criminals.
  2. 2. German Economy after 1st W.W Germany fought in the war largely on loans and had to pay war reparations in gold. This depleted gold reserves at a time recourses were scarce. In 1923 Germany refused to pay war debt and France captured one of their leading industrial area Ruhr, claming their coal. Germany followed a passive resistance and printed lot of paper currency. With too much printed money caused the German market fell. Value of market collapsed. This led to the hyper inflation in Germany.
  3. 3. Deplete Reparation  Reduce or empty  Make up for a out wrong done.
  4. 4. Causes of Economic recession in USA Over production led to the economic depression and collapse the American Stock market. American farmers had greatly increased their production during the war period. But after the revolt the demand for food reduced and price fell. The capitalists tried to increase their profit and paid low wages to the workers. Thus goods remained unsold in America. Also not much demand in Europe due to the collapse of Economy after the 1 W.W.
  5. 5.  America began to speculate in the stock market with borrowed money. As a result in October 1929 New york Stock Exchange collapsed. Value of shares dropped. Banks, factories, mining companies and business firms went bankrupt. There led to a large scale of poverty, unemployment and starvation.
  6. 6. Germany and Economic crisis The economic crisis affected the German economy very harmfully. The industrial production was reduced. Workers lost their jobs and paid low wages. Un employment emerged in all over Germany. It affected the peasants, womans and Childrens in Germany
  7. 7. Politically Weimar Republic was a failure- Discuss Politically it was a fragile. The Weimar constitution had some defects, which made unstable and vulnerable to dictatorship. Another one was proportional representation. This made achieving a majority by any one party a near impossible task, leading a rule of coalitions. Article 48 which gave the president the powers to impose emergency, suspend civil rights. They failed to manage this situations. The peoples they have lost their confidence in the Democratic system.