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Backend as a Service - Mobile's new Middleware


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Slides for the presentation on BaaS at the Cloud Computing event hosted by GTECH Technology Forum, Technopark.

Covers :

- What is Backend as a Service ?
- How much time can be saved by using BaaS ?
- Current Mobile Ecosystem with BaaS as the new middleware
- Bringing BaaS to Enterprise IT.
- Leading Providers

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  • Excellent presentation! Moreover, I have found a good article about how to build cloud-based mobile applications: Also, it has information about top BaaS providers and risks of using this type of development. Very informative and practical. Have a look!
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  • Great intro into the subject, thanks dude ;)
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Backend as a Service - Mobile's new Middleware

  1. 1. Backend as a ServiceMobile’s New MiddlewareRahul Krishnan P@rahulkrishAttinad Software
  2. 2. Agenda• Mobile app development cycle• Overview of BaaS• Breaking Myths• Mobile Ecosystem with BaaS in the middle• Enterprise BaaS• Leading providers• Summary
  3. 3. How long does it take to build a mobile app?
  4. 4. 18 WEEKS!!! Credits: Joe Chemov, Dave Wasmer of Kinvey. Survey Data: AYTM
  5. 5. Your Million Dollar App Idea!Let’s design the backend for it.
  6. 6. Your design probably looks something like this
  7. 7. Are we missing something?A Good Application has to beDYNAMIC, PERSONAL, SOCIAL & STICKY.
  8. 8. has to SCALE! has to EVOLVE!
  9. 9. Your backend needs a push!
  10. 10. What you’re doing vs what you want to be doing
  11. 11. Wouldn’t it be great if we had aninterface where we could defineall our backend needs –hit SAVE–and it automatically generates all our APIs ?
  12. 12. Welcome to the world of BaaS• A platform not a single app• Automatic scaling• Worry-free hosting• REST APIs & Client SDKS• Versioning
  13. 13. Out of the Box features User Management Data Storage/Retrieval Data ACLs Syncing Push Notifications Social Graph Monetization offerings Location Based Services Analytics Integration with 3rd party services
  14. 14. BaaS = IaaS + PaaS + Mobile APIs + Mobile SDKs
  15. 15. Just Apps & APIs– Forget the Backend Stack!
  16. 16. How much time did you save with a BaaS ?
  17. 17. Credits: Joe Chemov, Dave Wasmer of Kinvey. Survey Data: AYTM
  18. 18. 10 weeks – i.e. 55% of the effort!!
  19. 19. Breaking Myths• Platform Lock in• Not flexible enough• Cannot integrate with existing systems
  20. 20. Where BaaS fits in the Mobile Ecosystem.
  21. 21. Ecosystem Map Credits: Kinvey
  22. 22. Architecture Case Study - Kinvey
  23. 23. Bringing BaaS to Enterprise IT.
  24. 24. Challenges in Enterprise Mobility1. How do you provide Backend capabilities to your enterprisemobile apps?2. Authenticate with Corporate network credentials3. How will you read or write data securely?4. Integrate Enterprise mobile apps with your corporatesystems - Integration with LOB systems.5. Can I have my own corporate app store?6. Robust analytics and management tools7. Deploy and provision my enterprise mobile apps?
  25. 25. Mobile Enterprise Application Platforms - MEAPs• Proprietary Hosting Model• Proprietary Development Tools• Traditional MEAPs do not scale to cloud• Require tons of professional services
  26. 26. Concord : An Enterprise Mobile BaaS Concord BaaS Storage Security App Store Media Services Services Services Messaging Integration Analytics Services Services SDKs Your Datacenter/Cloud
  27. 27. Concord BaaS – Key Capabilities• Security  AD Authentication  Authorization based on LDAP Roles• Storage  Object storage, logging• Enterprise App Center• Messaging  Publish-Subscribe, Queuing• Media and Communication  SMS, Email, Push Notifications• Business Services  SharePoint, ERPs, CRMsMore to follow…
  28. 28. Leading BaaS Vendors
  29. 29. Which one should you choose ?• Consider the cost of building your own• Choose free when you can• Choose the one that best fits your requirements• Running Costs v/s Revenue Model
  30. 30. Summary• Consider the cost of building your own backend• Choose wisely – Flexible, Data Import/Export, Data Integration• BaaS saves around 55% of development effort• Just Apps & APIs – Forget the Web Stack• BaaS is Mobile’s new middleware• Enterprise BaaS solves common IT challenges• Explore!
  31. 31. THANK YOUContact me at:@rahulkrishrahul@attinadsoftware.comSlides at: