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Inbound Vs Outbound Marketing


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Inbound Vs Outbound Marketing

  1. 1. Outbound marketing
  2. 2. Outbound marketing • Traditional marketing method • Focuses on finding customers • Marketers try to push the message far and hope for some resonation
  3. 3. Outbound marketing • Trade shows, • Seminar series, • Email blasts to purchased lists, • Internal cold calling, • Telemarketing, and • Advertising
  4. 4. The Traditional Sales Funnel
  5. 5. Limitations of Outbound marketing
  6. 6. Limitations • Uses techniques that are poorly targeted and that interrupt people. • Less effective and more expensive -Tools like caller ID, spam filters blocks out the message. -Tools like RSS make display ads less effective -Cost of production is high.
  7. 7. Inbound Marketing
  8. 8. Inbound Marketing • Modern marketing method. • Focuses on helping yourself get found by people. • Marketers create content and tools in such a way that people come looking for more information. • Instead of driving their message into a crowd over and over again, they attract highly qualified customers to their business.
  9. 9. Types of Inbound Marketing methods • Social Media • Blogs • RSS Feeds • Viral Videos • Search Engine Optimization • Webinars
  10. 10. Components of Inbound Marketing Content - It is the information or tool that attracts potential customers to your site or your business. Search Engine Optimization - SEO makes it easier for potential customers to find your content and build your site and inbound links to maximize your ranking in search engines, where most of your customers begin their buying process. Social Media - Social media amplifies the impact of your content. When your content is distributed across and discussed on networks of personal relationships, it is more likely to draw qualified customers to your site.
  11. 11. The Modern Sales Funnel
  12. 12. Inbound Marketing Vs Outbound Marketing Advantages of Inbound Marketing
  13. 13. Advantages of Inbound Marketing It Costs Less - Outbound marketing means spending money - either by buying ads, buying email lists or renting huge booths at trade shows. Inbound Marketing means creating content and talking about it. A blog costs nothing to start. A Twitter account is free, too. The marketing ROI from inbound campaigns is higher. Better Targeting - Techniques like cold-calling, mass mail and email campaigns are notoriously poorly targeted. When you do Inbound Marketing, you only approach people who demonstrate an interest in your content, so they are likely to be interested in your product. It's an Investment, Not an Ongoing Expense - When you buy pay-per-click advertising on search engines, in order to maintain a position at the top of Google's paid results, you have to keep paying. However, if you invest that money in quality content that ranks in Google's organic results, you'll be there until somebody displaces you.
  14. 14. Lead Generation
  15. 15. Lead Generation
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