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  1. 3. JavaFX is the best way to create expressive, feature-rich content. Building on the Java Platform, JavaFX delivers a compelling mix of ubiquity, capability, expressiveness and performance. The JavaFX SDK has the essential set of technologies, tools, and resources required for developers and designers to create and deploy expressive and powerful content across all the screens of your life. Get started today!
  2. 4. Expressive RIA platform for all screens JavaFX provides a unified development and deployment model for building rich client applications that integrate rich immersive media such as audio and video, graphics, rich text and web services. JavaFX allows creative developers to program in a visual context thus helping them to bring their ideas to life quicker and better.
  3. 5. Broadest market reach and deepest system features Deployed on billions of devices, developers can leverage the power, maturity, performance and ubiquity of the Java Virtual Machine, a proven, mature high-performance platform. JavaFX applications can take advantage of performance enhancing features of Java such as the HotSpot virtual machine, garbage collector, and advanced set of libraries. JavaFX also provides advanced graphics, audio and video rendering with support for hardware acceleration.
  4. 6. Creativity without boundaries JavaFX makes it easy to integrate video, audio, graphics, animation and rich text. Applications can combine audio/video and 2D graphics with 3D perspective transform ( true 3D graphics coming soon) and rich text, with compelling visual effects and transformations. Advanced animation features include timelines, keyframe animation, tweening, and path based animation that animates objects to follow any desired motion path. JavaFX 1.2 also introduces a rich set of User Interface controls to accelerate content creation!
  5. 7. Seamless workflow JavaFX allows designers and developers to simply and swiftly combine graphics and media assets to unleash their creative potential with significantly reduced effort. Using the JavaFX Production Suite, a suite of tools and plugins for Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, designers seamlessly create and export graphics from their existing tools into the JavaFX format. The plugins allow One-click conversion and provide a preview enabling designers to make any necessary modifications prior to conversion. Also included is the JavaFX Media Factory, enabling designers to use Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) editors such as Inkscape with JavaFX as well.
  6. 8. Preserve investment in Java Developers can preserve existing investment by reusing Java libraries in their JavaFX applications. You can even access device level capabilities on Mobile and TV devices. From a development standpoint, Java developers can also continue to leverage the global Java ecosystem with its vast knowledge-base and marketplace. JavaFX will be the force behind delivering compelling "brand name" content and richer experiences that differentiate offerings while leveraging their existing technology investments.
  7. 9. Simple, declarative language for creative minds JavaFX applications are written in JavaFX Script, a language designed for Web developers and technical designers who like to program in a visual context. It is a simple, easy-to-learn, declarative scripting language that enables developers to write code that closely matches the layout of the graphical user interface (GUI). JavaFX Script has a powerful data binding feature, which is a simple syntax for synchronizing the state of multiple objects, thus allowing GUI components to automatically change state with changes in underlying data.
  8. 10. Break free from the browser With Java SE 6 update 10 (and above) you can Drag-to-Install JavaFX applications simply by dragging them out of your browser - you can then relaunch the applications directly from your desktop! Drag-to-Install simplifies the distribution of content to end-users and provides them with access when and where they want.
  9. 11. Create expressive cross screen content The JavaFX SDK features device emulators to enable developers to begin creating advanced and expressive mobile and television content today. Thanks to a Common API Profile implemented across the Mobile, Television, and Desktop runtimes, developers can even create applications for both of these screens using a single, unified source-base enabling more people to create more content across more devices!