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GNU Compiler Collection


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A simple GNU Compiler Collection manual.

Published in: Self Improvement, Technology
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GNU Compiler Collection

  1. 1. GCC 4.5.0 SE Documentation Programming Language : C,C++,Obj-C,Obj-C++,JAVA,FORTRAN,ADA. Tools : gcc Tools APIs : General ,Dialects, Lang. Independent ,Warnings, Debugging , Optimisation , Preprocessor , Assembler , Linker , Directory , Target , Machine Dependent ,Code Generation ,Test Code Coverage Binary Compatibility :application binary interface (ABI),ABI conformance, calling conventions,interoperability,intercallability,implementation-defined features,compatibility Disadvantages :Bugs,Cross-Compiler,Interoperation,Incommpatibilities,Header files,Standard Libraries,Dissappointments & Misunderstandings
  2. 2. The GNU Project – Free Software Foundation © Richard M. Stallmann GCC – GNU Compiler Collection Features/Aims: 1.Langauage Independent. 2.Machine Independent. 3. Free/Open Source. 4.ISO Standard. 5.Easy to USE-Deploy-Modify-Share. 6.Platform Independent. Source : GCC Online Manual