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FRAS - Air ambulance service in delhi


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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FRAS - Air ambulance service in delhi

  1. 1. FRAS -air ambulance services in Delhi
  2. 2.  They give you the different types of service like air ambulance and Road Ambulance, which is the purpose of transporting the patient from one place to another place with medical facility.  This is the start of modern era in emergency care in city. It set up the network of emergency service to offer emergency ambulance care of uniform quality standard across the city.  They also offer services in the long root transporting the patient from one place to another place with excellent medical facility and specialist medical staff as well. It is mainly used to transport ICU patient and cardiac support as well.
  3. 3.  Commercial  Chartered Plane For Air Ambulance Plane For Air Ambulance Helicopter/Chopper For Air Ambulance  Advantage of Air Ambulance
  4. 4.  This service are very cost effective and only those patient travel whose health is stabilize and they transport from foreign city to the Home city
  5. 5.  This service is for the injured patient from one city to another city and have latest medical equipment with experience doctor and medical team for checking the condition and also stabiles the patient condition.
  6. 6.  This service usually used in the city that is in local area like on the highway where road ambulance cannot reach the place due to traffic or road problem and transport the patient from accidental point to the hospital.
  7. 7.  Transport the patient to the hospital in an effortless manner for instant healthcare.  They provide absolute medical care at the time of emergency.  Get the valuable medical care on time under serious condition could leads towards saving the life for sure.  The availability of flying and experience doctor to handle the emergency situation for additional advantage.
  8. 8. Dr.Vikas Kataria Address:- H-113 , ASHOK VIHAR PHASE-1 , NEW DELHI 110052 Phone:-9899856933