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FashionNx - ERP for Apparel & Footwear


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FashionNx is a comprehensive ERP solution - based on SAP Business One for Apparel & Footwear Manufacturing.

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FashionNx - ERP for Apparel & Footwear

  1. 1. Author: Date: Fashion Comprehensive Solution For Textile, Fashion, Apparel & Footwear Accelon Technologies October 15, 2015 Nx
  2. 2. Features Powered By SAP Business One FashionNx works with SAP Business One. SAP Business One is most comprehensive and flexible ERP solution for Small to Medium Enterprises and covers all requisite functionalities. Developed With Industry Collaboration FashionNx has been developed in collaboration with industry veterans. Specific attention has been given to ensure that the application is easy to use and flexible. Covers All Scenarios FashionNx covers various scenarios in Apparel and Footwear industry, including Make To Stock or Make To Order. It is suitable for exporters as well. Advance Manufacturing FashionNx has advance and detailed manufacturing module for Apparel & Footwear Industry. FashionNx lets you define operations and routings and gives you control through each step of manufacturing. Variants & Matrix Most critical aspect in Apparel & Footwear manufactuing is handling of colour and size variants. FashionNx uses MATRIX representation in Sales, Inventory and Production to represent all variants in same screen. Warehousing & Barcoding With FashionNx you can use barcoding for tracking raw material, finished goods as well as various documents in process. It also allows you to use BIN MANAGEMENT for tracking inventory in warehouse.
  3. 3. SAP Business One SAP Business One ERP offers an affordable way to manage your entire business – from sales and customer relationships to financials and operations. Designed specifically for small businesses and sold exclusively through SAP partners, it helps you streamline processes, act on timely information, and drive profitable growth. SAP Business One supports 27 languages and 41 country-specific versions on one platform, delivered and supported locally. With more than 45,000 customers worldwide SAP Business One allows you to focus on your business profitably. Mobile access to SAP Business One allows you to maintain business momentum anytime, anywhere. On Premises & Cloud FashionNx + SAP Business One can be used in both On- Premises and Cloud application. Cloud gives you option of starting without any capex in costly hardware and easy 24/7 accessibility from any where / any device. SAP HANA & MS-SQL FashionNx + SAP Business One can be run on SAP HANA or Microsoft SQL Server. SAP HANA provides significant advantages in terms of performance, features and analytical capabilities. Multiple Options For Deployment & Platform
  4. 4. FashionNx is suitable for Garments & Footwear manufacturing. It has functionalities and is flexible enough to handle various kind of scenarios in garments and footwear manufacturing and distribution. It allows to create various size templates, product tech packs, etc as required. Apparel & Footwear Industries
  5. 5. MapSolution
  6. 6. Create Order Configuration As Per Order, Change BOM / Routing Plan Raw Material As Per Order Configuration Process & Deliver Order As Per Custom Routing Compare Order Profitability With Budgeted Costs Scenario - Make To Order Order Configuration Order Configuration is made for each item on a order. It allows you to modify bill of material and routing as per the requirements of individual orders. Order Profitability Order Profitability report shows detailed analysis of budgeted and actual values for material and processing costs. It can be used to determine profitability for each line item on an order.
  7. 7. Create Order Configuration As Per Design Master & Forecast Process & Stock Goods using Bin Management Create Orders using Matrix Entry Deliver Orders using Matrix Entry or Barcoding Order Matrix Order Matrix allows you to enter quantity by colour and size. It also shows, On-Hand and Available quantity for each colour and size while entering the order. Bin Management & Barcoding Stock received from production can be assigned to bins automatically based on bin capacity and grouping. Barcodes stickers are printed for each unit. Delivery can be created using barcodes or automatically allocated on FIFO basis. Scenario - Make To Stock
  8. 8. Solution Map Financials General Ledger Payments Cost Accounting Funds Management Asset Management Customer Relationship Management Contact Management Opportunity Management Pipeline Management Service Management Logistics Sales Procurement Blanket Agreements Warehouse Management Project Management Operations Resources Bill of Materials Operations Routings Sub Contracting Advance Manufacturing Reports Statutory Export Documents Document Formats MIS Reports Business Intelligence Predefined Reports Analysis Instruments Drag & Relate Query Generator Customization Tools User Defined Fields & Values UI Extension Approvals & Alerts Workflow
  9. 9. Apparel & Footwear - Functions Product Data Management • Attributes • Size Templates / Scales • Order Templates • Tech Packs • Item Masters Logistics • Matrix Order Entry • Order Configuration • Order Profitability • Matrix Stock • Bin Management Production Setup • Operations • Routing • Bill of Materials Manufacturing • Material Issue & Return • Issue & Receipt From Process • Rejections & Alterations • Approvals Sub Contracting • Material Processing • Issue & Returns • Bill Booking & Costing
  10. 10. DetailsSolution
  11. 11. Order Configuration Matrix Specify quantity for different colours and sizes in one matrix representation. Status Gives you summary of all transactions done for specific order. Bill of Material You can review the bill of material for various colours and required and available quantities for all components. Material Gives you summary of all materials issues for the specific order. Routing You can review and change the process followed for manuacturing for specific order. Order Configuration Order Configuration is the starting point in the manufacturing process in both Make to Order and Make to Stock Scenario. Here you select the design to manufacture, review BOM and Routing and plan quantity for different sizes and colours.
  12. 12. Size Template / Scale Size Templates Multiple size templates can be defined for different type of products like shirts, bottoms, etc. You can also create different templates according to various scales like EUR / US. Tech Packs Tech Packs allows you to specify different measurements for specific size template. Tech Packs can be assigned to specific styles and printed with job cards. Matrix Order Templates Matrix Order Templates makes it easier to enter the order – where you just need to select the template and system divides it into number of colours and sizes in predefined ratio.
  13. 13. Product Data Management Item Master Item Master is used to define styles and components. For each style only one item master is required – irrespective of number of variants. Attributes 10 configurable ATTRIBUTES allows you to capture various details like Gender, Season, Collection, etc. These attributes can be used in various reports for filtering data. Production Data Define ROUTING and other production data for the style. Also define how the item will be used in Material Planning.
  14. 14. Order / Delivery / Stock Matrix Order Matrix For Make To Stock scenarios, ORDER MATRIX allows you to enter order quantity for each colour and size. Also shows you the current stock status. Delivery Matrix You can use Auto Allocation to deliver goods or use DELIVERY MATRIX to finely control the product delivery for each colour and size combination. Stock Matrix Matrix Stock Report shows you the stock of products in various sizes and colours. You can filter and view products by various attributes and item groups. Also view stock across multiple warehouses.
  15. 15. Manufacturing Setup Bill of Materials You can define BILL OF MATERIAL for multiple colours in the same screen. You can easily copy BOM of one colour to create BOM of other colours. Routing ROUTING is a combination of operations to achieve the final production. On routing – you can select which processes are contracted, which processes run parallel to each other and time required for each process. Operations OPERATIONS are various processes which are used in manufacturing. For each operation you can specify the standard rate. You can also link subcontractors to operations which they provide.
  16. 16. Manufacturing Process Production Control Production Control screen shows you various orders in production. You can filter list on different parameters or use barcode on the job card to select the order directly. Receipt From Process RECEIPT FROM PROCESS allows you to mark completion of specific process. You can also specify checker / approval against each process. For subcontracted process system also posts a challan for processing charges. Issue To Process From ISSUE TO PROCESS you can issue goods for manufacturing process to subcontractor or internal departments. Colour coding on process list helps you in identifying status of each process easily. Matrix In Production FashionNx uses Matrix representation in Production also – so that you can keep track of each colour and size combination of the style – throughout the production.
  17. 17. Raw Material Management Material Issue Raw Material is issued according to the process – to specific contractor or internal department. MATERIAL ISSUE screen shows the planned quantity, issued and required quantity. You can also issue excess quantity and capture reason for such excess material. It can also be used to create returns of material. Stock Details All batches of material can be seen in STOCK DETAILS. You can simply select batch and click on Apply to issue that raw material. If the batch quantity is more – it automatically picks up required quantity. Barcode Labels BARCODE Labels can be printed at the time of GRN for each Taka / Roll / Box of material. Same barcode sticker can be later used to issue material or do physical inventory.
  18. 18. Material Processing Issue For Processing Use to create issue of raw material to the subcontractor. You can select multiple items and batches. Receipt From Processing While creating RECEIPT FROM PROCESSING you can create multiple batches from the same source batch and select same item code or different item code for the final processed item. Material Processing Material Processing is common in Apparel & Footwear industry where raw material is given to subcontractors or processing house for processing before they can be used.
  19. 19. Order Profitability Report Profitability Report In Make to Order / Make to Stock scenario – PROFITABILITY REPORT shows a summary of production and costing for material, processing, etc. Material Status MATERIAL STATUS shows you the overall status of raw material planned and actually consumed and if any excess or balance material is there.
  20. 20. Upcoming Feature – Textile Manufacturing Design Cards FABRIC DESIGN CARDS can be used to capture design details for fabric manufacturing, from where system will calculate the required Warp & Weft Yarn and its weight. Design Shades Each fabric can be manufactured in multiple shades. Yarn required for different shades can be captured in DESIGN SHADES. Fabric Manufacturing Upcoming FABRIC MANUFACTURING will be used to plan manufacturing based on fabric design cards.
  21. 21. Future Direction Merchandising DESIGNING & MERCHANDISING MODULE, will have functions for creating planning for new styles, tracking styles submitted by designers, their selection, further development and costing. Merchandisers will be able to select styles and work on raw material components as per given pricing brackets. Customer Portal Web / mobile based CUSTOMER / SUPPLIER PORTALS will allow your customers and suppliers to integrate with SAP Business One. They will be able to view and place orders, review status and ledgers, etc. Textile Manufacturing FashionNx is slated to have backward integration with TEXTILE MANUFACTURING & PROCESSING functions. FashionNx will than cover complete cycle from Yarn to Fabric to Readymade Garments Manufacturing. Vision At Accelon, we have a vision of developing FashionNx as the most comprehensive solution for Textile, Fashion, Apparel & Footwear Industry – for both manufacturing and distribution. Working on top of SAP Business One – FashionNx will be most powerful and flexible solution for Small & Medium Enterprises.
  22. 22. Accelon Technologies Established – 2005 Number of Customers – 100+ Number of Users Supported – 3000+ Number of Employees – 30+ Accelon is preferred partner for SAP Business One and other solutions for scores of customers in India and abroad. Accelon Technologies is a leading provider of SAP Business One solutions and services since 2006. Accelon has done scores of projects across verticals in SAP Business One and have wide portfolio of add-ons and solutions. With its experienced consulting team, Accelon can support any type of project or scenario in SAP Business One. Accelon was awarded SAP Business One HANA Partner of the Year 2014 at SAP Business One Innovation Summit, Bangkok. About us
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