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skull candy brand advertisement. In this presentation show that why skull candy products are bast then other

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  1. 1. K. V. PENDHARKAR COLLEGE S.Y. BBI GUIDED BY :- Prof. Tejashree Shejwlkar
  2. 2. PRESENTED BY: Kumar Bhoir (12-5674)  Rahul Haldankar (12-5685)  Akash Mahakal (12-5703)  Omkar Salunke (12-5718)  Sanjay Patil (12-5712)  Ninad vaidya (12-5727)
  4. 4. Contents:1.Raw material 2.Manufacturing Process 3.Features of Product 4.Benefits of Product 5.Pricing Strategy 6.Marketing Area 7.Advertisement Strategy 8.Unique selling Points
  5. 5. Raw material MATERIAL PURPOSE Cotton Used to make cloth, thread and some labels. Polyester Used to make cloth, thread and some labels. Polyester Elastane is used in cloth to add stretchiness. Tape Elastic Fabric tape sewn over seams makes them stronger and prevent them from ripping. Flexible elastic in the neckline of a T-shirt lets it stretch to prevent seams ripping, and keeps it sitting neatly. Dyes Dyes are used to color the cloth and thread. Inks Inks are used to print colored designs and slogans onto the body of the T-shirt.
  6. 6. The Manufacturing Process 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Making T-shirts & shirts is a fairly simple and largely automated process. Styling :- The T-shirt style is designed and the dimensions are transferred to patterns. Cutting :- The T-shirt sections are cut to the dimensions of the patterns. Assembling the front and back :- For fabric that is not tubed, the separate pieces for the front and back sections must be stitched together at the sides. Assembling the sleeves :- The hems of sleeves are generally finished before they are fitted into the garment, since it is easier to hem the fabric while it is flat. Stitching the hem :- The garment hem is commonly sewn with an overedge stitch, resulting in a flexible hem.
  7. 7. 6. Adding pockets :- Pockets may be sewn onto T-shirts intended for casual wear. 7. Stitching the shoulder seams :- Generally, shoulder seams require a simple superimposed seam. Higher quality T-shirt manufacturers may reinforce seams with tape or elastic. 8. Attaching the neckband 9. Finishing the neckline :- Necklines with superimposed seams may be taped, so that the shirt is stronger and more comfortable. 10. Label setting :- One or more labels are usually attached at the back of the neckline. 11. Optional features :- T-shirts will have trim or screen prints added for decorative purposes. 12. Finishing operations :- T-shirts are inspected for flaws in the fabric, stitchi ng, and thread.
  8. 8. features
  9. 9. BENEFITS 1. Reasonable Price 2. Best Quality 3. Suitable to all class people 4. Protection for UV radiation 5. SOFT Fabric
  10. 10. MARKETING AREA 1.Mumbai 2.Delhi 3.Calcutta 4.Chennai
  11. 11. Advertising Strategy 1. News paper advertising 2. Television advertising 3. Internet advertising
  12. 12. Our official web site
  13. 13. OUR main competitor in the market V /S
  14. 14. Comparision 1.Affordable for any type 1.In wrangler itz not affordable Or any class of people. For every class of people only high Class of people can afford this brand 2. We provide good services For our customers. 2. The service of this company is Poor than skull candy 3. The type of our fabric is high & 3. Wrangler provides only silk & In every type of fabric. Cotton.
  15. 15. Particulars Amt. Opening capital Purchase of raw material Custom Duty paid Amt. 10 crores 2 crores
  16. 16. THANK YOU!!!!!